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If a reader’s submission is featured in a derivative work produced by Parent Hacks, Parent Hacks will, in good faith, attribute the submission to the reader (as the reader’s name appears on Parent Hacks) and attempt to contact the reader to let him or her know, but is not obligated to do so.

While Parent Hacks publishes what we consider to be safe tips and suggestions, all Parent Hacks content is made available on an as-is basis, with no warrantees expressed or implied. As such, readers use any advice found on Parent Hacks at their own risk.

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Parent Hacks reserves the right to restrict site access for any reason. Examples of inappropriate use include abusive behavior and comment and/or trackback spam.

Privacy Policy

Parent Hacks will not sell, distribute, or reveal readers’ email addresses or other personal information without their consent. Readers who subscribe to Parent Hacks email updates (provided by a third-party service called MailChimp) are also subject to the MailChimp privacy policy.

In general, when publishing reader-submitted material, Parent Hacks will identify the reader by first name only and, if the reader desires, a link to the reader’s social media profile or website. If the reader is already in the public sphere (that is, the reader is well-known or has a blog or website that reveals the reader’s identity), Parent Hacks may publish the reader’s full name. If, in the submission, the reader requests first name-only identification, anonymity, or the use of a pseudonym, Parent Hacks will respect the request.