Tips for avoiding catching colds

Kristin's passed along some cold season tips I've never heard before (and wish I had years ago): These are all from our pediatrician, and have helped lower the number and severity of colds that the kids get. Immediately wipe down their faces (especially under the nose) and hands whenever you put kids back into their […]

Boxer shorts and cotton undershirts make cheaper summer PJs

Susan’s saving money on summer sleepwear: This is probably a “duh” moment for some Parenthackers, but I thought I’d write just in case. I was in the store (Target) the other day bemoaning the idea of having to buy summer pajamas for my kiddos. They’re not cheap, and here in New England the summer doesn’t […]

Mini trampoline as baby bouncer

Dana found another bit of fitness equipment that doubles as a baby soother: I work from a home office with a small baby. I keep a mini trampoline and an exercise ball in my office on the off chance that I might actually exercise during his naptime while I watch streaming TV or listen to […]

Amazon Friday sale 4/25/08: Fitness ball, swim diapers, Victorinox

Parenthacker-friendly picks in today’s packed Amazon Friday sale: More Huggies Little Swimmers disposable swim diapers (size Small, 16-24 lbs, two 12-count packages) for $14.99 (25% off). Lots of Parenthackers have talked about how versatile a fitness ball can be — for exercise, playtime, and bouncing restless babies. Natural Fitness, the company that makes this particular […]