Shorten pajamas with first aid tape


Kendra’s quick, no-sew pajama-hemming hack: We’re big fans of superhero PJs and sleep pants, but we either have to buy several sizes too big to even get a pair (e.g. Life Is Good lounge pants) or the buggers are simply far too long. After about the millionth cuffing / quick-basting / waistband rolling gave out, […]

Use storytelling to teach kids about how food and clothing (and more) are produced

Sara’s inventive (and entertaining) teaching method: I want my daughter to understand is where things (food, fabric, etc.) comes from. To this end, I invented the “Little Farmer J–” stories. Little Farmer J does *everything* — grows a garden, plants and harvests wheat, grinds it, and makes bread, grows cotton and does all the steps […]