Shorten pajamas with first aid tape


Kendra’s quick, no-sew pajama-hemming hack: We’re big fans of superhero PJs and sleep pants, but we either have to buy several sizes too big to even get a pair (e.g. Life Is Good lounge pants) or the buggers are simply far too long. After about the millionth cuffing / quick-basting / waistband rolling gave out, […]

Stave off sleep deprivation by tag-teaming overnight feeding


Parents of newborns: Jenna’s overnight feeding how-to will save your sanity (or, at least, slow its departure): When my daughter was about 5 weeks old, we were going OUT OF OUR MINDS with sleep deprivation. A friend shared this with me, and I swear, its the best single piece of parenting advice i’ve ever gotten. […]

Amazon Deal of the Day: AeroBed for Kids

Have you ever slept on an AeroBed? Me neither, because when I have the opportunity as an overnight guest, my kids beg to sleep on it. In that spirit, my mom got an AeroBed for the kids for when they come to visit, and they practically giggle in anticipation of going to sleep. Today only, […]

Use storytelling to teach kids about how food and clothing (and more) are produced

Sara’s inventive (and entertaining) teaching method: I want my daughter to understand is where things (food, fabric, etc.) comes from. To this end, I invented the “Little Farmer J–” stories. Little Farmer J does *everything* — grows a garden, plants and harvests wheat, grinds it, and makes bread, grows cotton and does all the steps […]