Rebooting the bedtime routine after a long stay with the grandparents? Talk amongst yourselves.

Little boy sleeping on the couch

The broken bedtime routine. It's so maddening because you can remember when it used to work. Especially difficult because life doesn't magically pause while you try to manage your child's sleep problem…which has quickly become the entire family's sleep problem. From Santiaga: I have two children: a 3 YO son and a 10 month-old daughter. […]

Calming older kids’ bedtime fears (sponsored + giveaway)

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It took me too long to accept that fear at bedtime, like any irrational fear or phobia, can’t be reasoned or “disciplined” away. Here’s how we helped our older kids handle their bedtime fears. Until 10/29/13, enter to win a LightHeaded Bed (click through for details).

How to help your kid/teen wake up on her own

Tweet: Suggestions on training your teenager to wake up on her own?

@MrsPJSimmons sent out a plea via Twitter asking how to encourage her teen to self-start in the mornings: Several "me toos" came back, and they had an air of desperation and resignation, as in "nothing I've tried has worked" and "it's driving me nuts." But some suggestions also came back: @espringer: Squirt gun! @babytoolkit: Start […]