Reuse mesh fruit bags to store bath toys (drip dry!)

I've been trying for a long time to come up with a good use for those mesh bags in which satsuma oranges come packaged. Finally! Pay dirt! They make great drip-dry holders for bath toys — just hang the bag from a plastic suction cup hook in the shower! They'd be good as summertime sand […]

How to blow awesome bath time bubbles with baby shampoo!

We're nothing if not practical here at Parent Hacks. Tell me if this hack doesn't revolutionize bathtime at your house! From John: We've completely eliminated the need for bath toys when traveling (and at home) by conjuring big bubbles from thin air. With baby shampoo on my hands (straight from the bottle, it is too […]

Hand sanitizer cleans marker smudges off kids’ hands

Purell Wipes

Greg discovered that hand sanitizer cleans up more than germs: My 2-year old son was coloring with markers and, as you can imagine, managed to get just as much marker on his hands as he did the paper. After he finished coloring, dinner was ready, so I decided to wait until after we ate to […]

Introducing the Slideshare Parent Toolbox

Picture 2.png

One of the reasons I started Parent Hacks was because I was hoping to find out how other people were doing this parenting thing. How do other people manage to remember to refill the diaper bag after an outing? How is it that other people's kids have snow gear that actually fits when winter hits […]

Amazon deal: 20% off gDiapers refills with purchase of Starter Kit

We’ve talked about gDiapers before — the “missing link” between reusable and disposable diapers. gDiapers are reusable (and cute!) cloth pants with flushable inserts, and many love them. Cost-per-diaper is similar to premium disposables, but when you factor in the cost to the Earth, well, that’s worth a lot. If you’ve been thinking about trying […]