How to make a hooded towel for kids

via Cindy couldn't just stop at one great towel hack (linked in my post about how well the Turbie Twist towel wrap works for kids). She also made an adorable child's hooded towel out of a regular towel, a hand towel, and some rickrack. Go see! Related: Baby towels live on as hair-drying towels […]

How to Keep Towels off the Bathroom Floor

via How did she do it? Amy details the long experiment in teaching her sons to hang up the bathroom towels. It's an interesting example of how design and functionality go hand-in-hand. In other words…make it easier to clean up and (most of the time) people are more likely to try.

How to keep soapy shampoo water out of your kid’s eyes

Here's how Alison got her little guy to tip his head back during shower shampoo rinses: Whenever I rinsed the shampoo out of my 4 year-old's hair he would curl his chin down to his chest making all the soapy water run down his face and into his eyes. To get him to tilt his […]

Slow the toilet paper roll’s spin to make it last longer

Rabia, I am so impressed that you took the time to send in your toilet paper-saving theory: Found this out quite by accident as my brother was doing some painting and remodeling in our bathroom.  The bar that holds the toilet paper roll was covered in plaster dust and when I tried to spin it […]