Momversation: Sex after baby

Fun and real. Quotes from the episode: “Sexless khaki mom.” “Afraid I would lose my swagger.” “Objects shift during flight.” “Probably more information than you want to know.”

Parent Hacks admin: Life intervening; will return shortly

Hi folks, Sorry for the radio silence. The four-day weekend followed by my son’s five-day bout with a mystery illness (complete with ER visit) has temporarily taken over my brainwaves. He’s on the mend, as am I, and all’s well. But, while waiting for his blood test results, I had a few hours to consider […]

Momversation: Childbirth Choices

Natural labor? Pain meds in the parking lot? Home birth? On Momversation, Daphne of Cool Mom wonders why mothers judge each other over their birth choices. What’s up with that? And is birth choice really a choice? For me, it was more like hanging onto the reins of a runaway horse. Here’s who’s talking: Rebecca […]

Cookie decorating with kids? Talk amongst yourselves.


I am, and always have been, cookie decorating impaired. Perhaps it’s because holiday cookie decorating was never a family tradition. Whatever, I just don’t have the knack but I’m willing to practice. I’m sure there are so many ways to simplify cookie decorating with kids while ending up with good-looking results. This article looks like […]

Helping young kids get involved in writing thank you notes


I love how Rabia got her daughter involved with thank you notes, even though she’s just learning to write: My daughter just turned five and I wanted her to be very involved with writing the thank you notes for all her birthday presents. I took a sheet of computer paper and folded it in half. […]

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Parenting starts with you. We can help. | Tumblon Interesting new service that lets you track milestones, journal, get parenting tips, and share. Baby Toolkit: Our Secret Project: Meet Our New Intern Please join me in congratulating Adrienne and Jim on their new addition! Entertainment Software Rating Board Before you buy, check out video game […]

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Scootababy carrier giveaway! — Rookie Moms More great stuff to win! Visit the Rookie Moms and get in the running.

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The Mom Crowd » 7 Simple Parent Hacks Great tips, Amanda! I especially love the hair clip hack. The Obamas face the ultimate work-family balance Fascinating to contemplate. DeliciousBaby Journal: Giveaway – Sit 'n' Stroll Convertible Stroller from tots on-the-go ($250 Value) Traveling families love the Sit n' Stroll. Land of the Free: 5 fab […]