Christmas Wrapped: Adding personality to the gift of cash

My next contribution to Target’s Christmas Wrapped site: Adding personality to the gift of cash I decided to write about this topic because I’ve declared a moratorium on buying useless toys for my far-flung nieces and nephews. I’m harkening back to the traditional gift I always received from my long-distance relatives: money. I love the […]

Brain Rules winner!

What fantastic comments you left as entries for the Brain Rules giveaway! I was inspired by all the ways you take care of your (and your kids’) brains. Those of you who read the book will be gratified to find out that many of your strategies are backed up by legitimate science. Speaking of which, […]

Amazon deal: Holiday discounts on Discovery Channel Store toys

The Discovery Channel Store was a mandatory stop whenever we visited the fancy shopping center downtown. There was always enough hands-on fun to burn away our "mall-brains" and improve our moods. I was sad when the brick-and-mortar stores closed down, but at least the toys and tools have a second life online. During the first […]

A note from the Tooth Fairy helps reinforce dental hygiene habits

Jolene appeals to a higher power when encouraging her daughter to take care of her teeth: My 6 year-old daughter recently lost her first tooth and was excited to receive her first visit from the Tooth Fairy. To reinforce my daughter’s good brushing habits, the next night, the Tooth Fairy left her a note telling […]

Momversation: Is TV really so bad for kids?

Today on Momversation, Mindy Roberts of The Mommy Blog brings up the question of kids and TV. Is television really the “devil box” pediatricians call it? How much is too much? Or is any TV too much? Weighing in along with Mindy and me: Nataly Kogan of Work It, Mom! Maggie Mason of Mighty Girl […]

Calm household chaos by reading a book aloud


Allyson’s masterful distraction technique: When things get nuts at my house and I cannot regain control, I sit down on the couch and begin to read a children’s book. Within a few pages, all three of my boys stop what then are doing and come sit next to me without me saying a word to […]

Consequence for leaving lights on: confiscate the bulbs!


Jennifer! Awesome! My 5yo son’s room is upstairs and he was constantly leaving on ALL the lights in his room and the bathroom when leaving for school. I’d invariably come running back from the garage for something and have to hightail it upstairs while I was already running late. So I started confiscating lightbulbs. His […]