Post-holiday reentry: it’s never painless

Rocket reentry. Photo credit: SantaRosa OLD SKOOL via Flickr/cc

Happy New Year, friends! I hope you had a wonderful holiday. We did, for the most part. A couple holiday parties, a great visit with my parents and one of my oldest friends, my son’s first solo travel as a full-fledged GUY (not an “unaccompanied minor”), a New Year’s Day board game extravaganza, and a […]

Best of Parent Hacks: Holiday Edition

So! The holidays are upon us. Hopefully this collection of hacks will help you streamline so you can relax and enjoy the holidays a little quicker (which means enjoying them a lot more). Getting organized for the holidays Let your calendar remind you to try new seasonal activities Let Santa take away the old toys, […]

Momversation: Should I have another child?

Today on Momversation, Alice Bradley of Finslippy asks for help deciding whether or not to have a second child. The conversation is poignant, funny, down-to-earth. Also joining in: Nataly of Work It, Mom! and Maggie of Mighty Girl. And you’ll meet the first of our two new panelists: Dana Loesch of Mamalogues. This episode reminded […]

Where do you mail letters to Santa? Talk amongst yourselves.


Jill asks: Where do parents mail Santa’s letters? I usually let my kids address the envelope to the North Pole and then I secretly stick a label on it with my mom’s address. She hangs onto them and returns them at an opportune moment. But aren’t there lots of places that will postmark them North […]

Momversation: Funniest Bits and Outtakes

I haven’t linked every episode of Momversation here as there are three new episodes per week and I don’t want to bombard you with too much “Hey! Look at me!!!” But it’s such a great show — so fun to be a part of, so funny and honest…I hope you’re watching. Today’s new episode, Funniest […]

The MomSpeak: Free alternatives to gift wrap

I have finally given in to my distaste for gift wrap. In this day and age, spending money we don’t have to waste natural resources we don’t have makes no sense whatsoever. But responsible gift-wrapping doesn’t have to mean ugly gifts, as expounded upon in my next MomSpeak post: Free alternatives to gift wrap I […]