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Advocating for your kid in school when you really want the teacher to like you


I’m no stranger to speaking up for my kids at school.

Both my kids have needed help handling the social and academic expectations of the classroom. At times, this has required me to reach out to their teachers for clarification (“Are you seeing in class what I’m seeing at home?”), or as translator (“When he gets anxious he blurts out answers.”). No problem.

Sometimes, however, I have to take on the role of advocate (“She needs to be able to eat a snack before lunch to help her concentrate.”) and challenger (“I’d like to talk to you about something that’s concerning me.”).

This is hard to do, because I wrestle with something I’ve craved ever since I was a kid: I want the teacher to like me.

I’ve had a lightbulb moment about my kids’ picky eating


I’ve been frustrated by my kids’ picky eating for years. But I think I’ve had an epiphany. I just remembered how my appetite changed while I was pregnant. I, who had never been picky, suddenly became intensely opinionated about my food. I craved certain foods while others were downright repugnant, and I had a dramatic, […]

My five favorite hacks for Easter

Dye Easter eggs in a muffin tin. #parenthacks #Easter

While I’m away on Spring Break with my family, I thought I’d leave you with something fun for the leadup to Easter: my five favorite Easter hacks. I gave these archive gems a little 2015 makeover. 1. Dye Easter eggs in a muffin tin Leah’s Easter egg-dyeing hack continues to be one of the most popular tips on Parent […]