Use shredded paper as gift packing insulation


Maureen’s reuse-it strategy for shipping gifts by mail: Last Easter, I used the shredded paper from our paper shredder as "grass" in my son’s Easter basket because I couldn’t stomach the idea of buying disposable cellophane grass. But it has occurred to me that the shredded paper could also make a good packing material if […]

Christmas Craft winners!


Thanks to all who entered today’s Christmas Craft giveaway. I loved reading your free-form comments sharing crafts, greetings, and a single joke, invented by Daffodil’s two year-old: HIM: Knock, knock! MOM: Who’s there? HIM: Gorilla! Gorilla monkey! Hahahaha! Toddler humor slays me every time. There was a period of my life in which the punch […]

links for 2008-12-18

Christmas cookies? Get the dough rolling early Well, perhaps a week before Christmas isn’t exactly early anymore, but you get the idea, right? DIY Menorahs – Thanks for this, Mom! Santa Letter 2.0 | Mommy Poppins I’m a fan of the old pencil-and-paper letter myself, but Santa’s up with the times in case your […]

Best last-minute, $5, no-shipping gift: Christmas Craft PDF


Amber Carvan, the lovely and talented force behind Kids Craft Weekly, has collected an incredible array of easy-yet-beautiful holiday crafts in her downloadable mini-book, Christmas Craft. At $5, this gift will provide hours (days! weeks!) of diversion. Think: Winter break "crafternoon"! It’s also a perfect last-minute gift for the teachers, friends, and kids on your […]

Momversation: Am I Turning Into My Mother?

This time on Momversation, I’m the instigator of the conversation. My question: am I turning into my mother? Actually, in my case, it’s my father. As time goes on, my knee-jerk parenting responses resemble his more and more. Which is odd, because I’m nothing like him. Or am I? Joining me: Heather of Dooce, Rebecca […]

links for 2008-12-17 blog: HOW TO – Create a Snowstorm Garland With Two Supplies I'm not ruining it when I tell you that the two supplies are dental floss and white office supply dots. Check it out. the red thread lisa tilse: Crafting With Kids: Christmas Decoration Tutorial Another simple winter break craft! Good, messy fun with […]

links for 2008-12-16

Cookie cutters: good for more than cutting cookies Think: Christmas pizzas. Britax : Frontier recall I've you've recently purchased a Britax Frontier booster, check this recall notice. (Thank you, Britax, for alerting me about it.) Skip To My Lou » Paper Candy Canes Awesome! I'm setting my kids to work on these tomorrow.