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23 May 2008

Wind-up LED flashlight needs no is perfect for kids

Kirsten's flashlight recommendation is perfect for summer campouts, fort play, and persistent bogeymen: My kids love flashlights, and tend to forget to turn them off, thus using up lots of batteries. I received a pocket-sized LED wind-up flashlight as a gift. My 4 y/o son promptly took it over, and...

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22 May 2008

Mini trampoline as baby bouncer

Dana found another bit of fitness equipment that doubles as a baby soother: I work from a home office with a small baby. I keep a mini trampoline and an exercise ball in my office on the off chance that I might actually exercise during his naptime while I watch...

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25 April 2008

Amazon Friday sale 4/25/08: Fitness ball, swim diapers, Victorinox

Parenthacker-friendly picks in today's packed Amazon Friday sale : More Huggies Little Swimmers disposable swim diapers (size Small, 16-24 lbs, two 12-count packages) for $14.99 (25% off). Lots of Parenthackers have talked about how versatile a fitness ball can be -- for exercise, playtime, and bouncing restless babies. Natural Fitness,...

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24 April 2008

Apply antibiotic ointment while the kid's asleep

When you can't win the game, change the rules. (In a good way.) From Jeff: Our 4 year old son was diagnosed with impetigo (also known as infantago, among other things). His doctor prescribed an antibiotic ointment for him, which he did not like AT ALL. He would cry and...

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21 April 2008

When they're little, sing 'em what you like, with a little backup

Brian's baby is getting better musical exposure than mine ever did: For an infant that you're trying to sing to sleep it really doesn't matter what you sing them, just that you're singing. My wife and I both sing songs that we know all the words to - mostly punk,...

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03 April 2008

Baseball cap + a clip-on light = a better bedtime reading lamp

Brian's a smart guy and a good storyteller: Thing 1 wants the bedtime story. Thing 2 is kept awake by the light spilling into his room from Thing 1's light. Can't turn off the light in Thing 1's room, though. A flashlight means giving up the use of a hand,...

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12 March 2008

Wrap hard toys in a blanket if they must accompany your kid to bed

Sandra's hack reminded me of my own kids' quirky hoarding habits when they were toddlers: My daughter Mia is 2yrs and insists on bringing toys to bed with her at night. She recently upgraded to a toddler bed and has the luxury of deciding what goes to bed with her...

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21 February 2008

White noise between radio stations helps kids nap in the car

Here's how Mama D gracefully handled an awkward snatch of time that was too big for an activity, but too small for a nap: This hack had a 50% success rate on its maiden voyage, enough to make me think it may work for half the world's children. Between my...

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19 February 2008

Do you improvise upon lullabies? Talk amongst yourselves.

Tim's "hack" is really more of a sweet example of how our kids can inspire us: Part of my toddler's bedtime routine is a song. Somewhere along the line, I forgot the actual lyrics to "Hush, Little Baby". This led to the realization that this particular lullaby is great for...

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25 January 2008

Keep bedside Pedialyte chilled in an ice bucket

From the very resourceful Jess: Our 10 month-old daughter has a nasty bug ... a cough, accompanied by some flu symptoms. So we're giving her Pedialyte. But when she wakes up coughing in the middle of the night, she wants something to soothe her throat. We were running up and...

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17 January 2008

Best of Parent Hacks: Keeping warm during the winter

The weather outside is frightful, so I thought it might be nice to dig through the archives for some of our best cold weather tips.

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12 January 2008

Safety followup: Letting babies sleep in car seats

Many of you commented with safety concerns about a recent hack that suggested letting newborns sleep in their infant car seats. Jennifer sent me a link to this article explaining why car seat sleeping can lead to breathing problems, especially for newborns who lack sufficient head control to keep from...

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03 January 2008

Put your newborn to bed in his car seat

Important safety note 1/12/08: Many Parenthackers raised safety concerns about this tip. One reader sent us a link to an article which explains how sleeping in car seats can lead to breathing problems. Thanks to everyone who brought this to our attention. Ana's hack might net a few parents of...

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20 November 2007

Helping an anxious child get to sleep

Rachel has a lovely, gentle way to help her anxious daughter prepare for sleep: My first grade daughter has recently begun having anxieties about bedtime. She lays down and remembers all sorts of bad thoughts about the day, which tend to increase her anxiety and make her scared to be...

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15 November 2007

TV "white noise" helps baby sleep in a hotel room

Another great trick for getting your baby to sleep in a hotel room! From Megan: During a recent hotel stay with my 14-month-old son (who tends to be a very light sleeper), whenever I put him down for a nap I would turn the television on to a "blank" station...

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