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28 January 2009

Amazon Deal of the Day: AeroBed for Kids

Have you ever slept on an AeroBed? Me neither, because when I have the opportunity as an overnight guest, my kids beg to sleep on it. In that spirit, my mom got an AeroBed for the kids for when they come to visit, and they practically giggle in anticipation of...

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28 January 2009

A "dream book" placed under the pillow at bedtime prevents nightmares

Duane's hack reinforces my belief that a good book cures almost anything: My four year-old tends to complain of bad dreams although she can never articulate what happens in them. This sometimes leads to her not wanting to go to bed. I informed her that if she sleeps with a...

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25 January 2009

Use storytelling to teach kids about how food and clothing (and more) are produced

Sara's inventive (and entertaining) teaching method: I want my daughter to understand is where things (food, fabric, etc.) comes from. To this end, I invented the "Little Farmer J--" stories. Little Farmer J does *everything* -- grows a garden, plants and harvests wheat, grinds it, and makes bread, grows cotton...

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22 January 2009

Balloon as leg support for a kid sleeping in an umbrella stroller

Elizabeth's super-smart travel stroller hack: We have an umbrella stroller that we use for travelling when we don't feel like lugging along our larger, more comfortable stroller. One drawback to the umbrella stroller is that it has no leg rest -- our son's legs dangle off the edge of the...

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07 January 2009

Oral syringe helps kids "sip" water without completely waking up

Melanie's doing what she must to help her toddler sleep through his cough: My little guy (22 months) has been hacking and coughing at night for some time now. I find that one way to calm the cough is to let him drink a bit of water. But, if he...

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17 December 2008

If you want a little more sleep on Christmas morning, make stockings "fair game"

Another great Christmas tip from Liz: My brother and I, as kids, were always up well before dawn on Christmas morning, as early as 5! Here's how Mom kept us quiet until a more reasonable hour: Stockings were free game; we didn't have to wait for everyone else to wake...

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28 October 2008

Digital clock "cure" for kids who can't fall asleep

I love Karen's gentle hack for encouraging little ones to stay in bed.

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08 October 2008

Blow dryer handles bedtime water spills

Oh, yeah, Molly! Few things are more onerous than late-night bedding changes (especially when they involve washing and drying): After having JUST washed the sheets on my daughter's bed, her (supposedly spill-proof) sippy cup of bedtime water leaked right where she sleeps. After considering letting her sleep in a wet...

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03 October 2008

Ice cube alarm clock gets sleepy kids and parents out of bed

My husband needs to be awakened with a sledgehammer every morning. I am SO doing this. From John of Our oldest started kingergarten this Fall and I was worried about getting myself up in time rather than hitting the snooze alarm like I normally do. To jumpstart our mornings...

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17 September 2008

Tips for avoiding catching colds

Kristin's passed along some cold season tips I've never heard before (and wish I had years ago): These are all from our pediatrician, and have helped lower the number and severity of colds that the kids get. Immediately wipe down their faces (especially under the nose) and hands whenever you...

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12 September 2008

Vaporub-covered panty liner under the crib sheet eases nighttime congestion

Is this a hack or what? Nancy's found a creative way to help her little ones sleep better while stuffed up: My twins are 14 months old, and one of them is fighting off the tail end of a cold with plenty of congestion. You're not supposed to apply Vaporub...

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21 August 2008

Record yourself telling stories to calm bedtime fears

We've published a variant of this hack before, but I thought Sara's take was worth sharing as it has helped her calm her daughter's bedtime fears: I know I was one of the lucky ones. After a colicky start, I was blessed with an easy-to-put-to-bed toddler; however, inexplicably at 20...

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07 July 2008

During night terrors, suggest a "replacement dream"

Jill in Atlanta's loving, creative response to her son's night terrors: One of my boys often wakes us in the night screaming. ("No! No!") Sometimes he's awake but usually he's still asleep. I've tried all sorts of things but the best solution I've found is to "replace" his dream with...

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04 July 2008

Family camping hack: For babies sleeping in tents, Peapod travel bed is more compact than a portacrib

Melissa's brilliant travel bed tip: I ran across a Kidco Peapod (think mini tent with air mattress) that folds up as a small as a small throw cushion. You can zip the baby into it so that she won't crawl away in the night and it's easier to fit in...

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24 May 2008

Boxer shorts and cotton undershirts make cheaper summer PJs

Susan's saving money on summer sleepwear: This is probably a “duh” moment for some Parenthackers, but I thought I’d write just in case. I was in the store (Target) the other day bemoaning the idea of having to buy summer pajamas for my kiddos. They’re not cheap, and here in...

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