Sleep. We want it. We want our kids to want it.

Here, you'll find tips for getting your kids to sleep, and possibly even getting some sleep yourself, including:

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01 March 2013

What to do when your toddler won't go to sleep? Talk amongst yourselves.

It's SO hard when a formerly-sleeping baby turns into a fitfully-sleeping toddler. That's Jessie's situation, and she needs our help.

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06 November 2012

How to keep a 7 year-old in bed after bedtime? Talk amongst yourselves.

Gina from Canada needs our help motivating her daughter to stay in bed so she can have the evening "off-duty" she needs.

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03 May 2012

Rolled-up towel keeps kid from rolling out of bed

I love how this hack doesn't require packing anything extra in your suitcase.

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14 December 2011

Lost blankie, teddy bear, or other special lovey? This shop specializes in replacements.

While on a heroic quest to find a duplicate blankie for her son, Caron stumbled across a shop that specializes in stocking lovey replacements.

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20 May 2011

How to find downtime when your kid won't nap

The religion all parents practice: the Worship of the Nap. Naptime equals quiet time, get-

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28 April 2011

How to help your kid/teen wake up on her own

@MrsPJSimmons sent out a plea via Twitter asking how to encourage her teen to self-start in the mornings: Several "me toos" came back, and they had an air of desperation and resignation, as in "nothing I've tried has worked" and "it's driving me nuts." But some suggestions also came back:...

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13 April 2011

Baking soda deodorizes a mattress after a stomach flu disaster

Perhaps the title of this hack was enough information, but in case you want more detail, here it is, from Rebecca: The other night I found out the hard way that baking soda is good for yet another thing. I was snuggling my 4 year-old to sleep. He had been...

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23 March 2011

Wet hair, cold head? Wear a hat to bed!

Bring back the stocking cap! Tracy did and it kept her daughter cozy in bed while keeping heating bills low: My daughter took a bath before bed and was uncomfortable and cold because her hair was wet. Being that this time of year the heat doesn't always kick in as...

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16 February 2011

Book light lets baby sleep through nighttime diaper changes

Scott's lighting solution for when he needs to change diapers in the dark: Get a book light! A simple off-the-shelf book light produces just enough light so you can see what you're doing, but still keeps the room dark so your child can sleep through the process. You can clip...

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05 January 2011

A "tape trick" for keeping your kid in her room at bedtime

via If you spend your evenings putting your kid back to bed (because he keeps getting up for water, potty breaks, etc.) this simple "tape trick" from Jaime at the lovely site Prudent Baby might just be the ticket. Your mileage will vary (as always) based the temperament of...

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26 April 2010

How to Make a Cheap, Low-Profile Wooden Bed Frame

via Eric Wilhelm made this simple low-to-the-ground bedframe so his baby daughter could sleep on the bed without a long fall (if it ever came to that). Great idea for a toddler bed as well!

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22 April 2010

Turn old lingerie into comfort blankies and hankies

Sarah's sweet idea for reusing old (but still silky) slips and nighties works for any nicely-textured fabric you've got sitting around: Old slip? Don't trash it...wash it and then give it to your child as a comfort blankie. My son loves textures and especially likes the soft material to rub...

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22 February 2010

Minimize wardrobe fights by letting toddlers choose the night before...and wear to bed!

Several folks have written in about putting their kids to bed in the next day's clothes. Generally, it has been a time-saving strategy, but in Nicole's case, it also keeps the toddler rebellion to a minimum: A little before my son turned two he was having a hard time getting...

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29 January 2010

Crank-operated camping lantern stands in for a night light -- no batteries required

Julia's money-saving, battery-saving, fear-of-the-dark solution: Sometimes a night light just isn’t enough for our sometimes dark-shy five year old. She was begging to take battery-operated flashlights to bed with her each night but we quickly grew tired of the incessant need to replace the batteries after the flashlight was left...

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20 November 2009

Glow stick bracelets as nightlights

Richelle's creative night light solution: When my 3 year-old son was afraid of having bad dreams one night, I gave him a couple glow stick bracelets left over from Halloween. They made a great night light for him. I was thinking they would work especially well for traveling or camping,...

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