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Poop, pee, and other, uh, substances are a major part of the parenting experience.

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30 June 2011

An educational bath toy that costs pennies to make: homemade siphon

There's nothing better than a dead-simple toy that invites hands-on (or mouth-on!) experimentation. Especially when said "toy" can be purchased at the hardware store for practically nothing.

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06 June 2011

One simple maneuver for cleaner diaper changes

Stacy has been changing diapers for seven years. That's a LOT of diapers. And she has just discovered a simple change in technique that keeps her baby's hands out of the "poop zone."

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04 May 2011

"Paint on" diaper cream with a makeup brush

Cristina's solution to sticky diaper cream-covered hands: To keep hands (and thus everything else) clean during changes when we have to apply rash cream, I bought an inexpensive foundation makeup brush. The gloppiest cream can be applied liberally this way and the clean diaper put on without all the cream...

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03 May 2011

Potty training inspiration: make custom underwear decals!

Becky titled this hack "Inspiring underwear." I say: inspired underwear for those who are looking to motivate beginning potty-trainers: They say you should let your potty-training child pick out some big-kid underwear at the store so that he/she is inspired to keep them dry for potty training. But when I...

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12 April 2011

Collapsible baby wipe packages work better than travel wipe containers

Lisa says lose the travel wipe container! When I was a new mom and carried a big diaper bag with every possible baby supply, I used a plastic, portable-sized and refillable baby wipe container. The problem was that I was always worried that I would run out of wipes, and...

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31 March 2011

Baking soda paste as no-tear shampoo

A gentle hair-washing hack from Kate: If you are afraid of shampoo in the eyes, or have sensitive skin, try a baking soda paste to wash hair. Seriously. No suds, safe to ingest, leaves hair squeaky clean. Follow with conditioner. Cheap, too! Is baking soda magical or what? You can...

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30 March 2011

Tether the hairbrush to the towel bar!

via leechbabe.com Never again shall "but I couldn't find the brush!" be an excuse for wild hair. Hilarious! Thanks for sharing this on the Facebook page, Marita.

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23 March 2011

Wet hair, cold head? Wear a hat to bed!

Bring back the stocking cap! Tracy did and it kept her daughter cozy in bed while keeping heating bills low: My daughter took a bath before bed and was uncomfortable and cold because her hair was wet. Being that this time of year the heat doesn't always kick in as...

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02 March 2011

Contain hair styling supplies in a tackle box

In the comments of a hack showing hair accessories stored in a plastic cleaning tote, Mia shared her method, which may work even better for some: We've started using a tackle box to store my daughter's hair accessories. The bottom is big enough for brushes, detangler, etc. It can be...

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02 March 2011

Stop fighting long hair battles with your kids: cut it

Several folks have responded to my queries about kids' hair management with a simple just cut it. Ponytails are cute and all, but many folks would never go back after experiencing the freedom, peace and time gained by a simple chin-length bob. From Sarah: I love long hair and wish...

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01 March 2011

Safely trim your toddler's bangs with nose hair scissors

Summer's tip for safely trimming wiggly kids' hair: I cut my 2 year-old son's hair with blunt edged (but very sharp) nose hair trimming scissors. He wiggles and turns his head a great deal while I cut, but the rounded tips on the scissor blades keep him safe from pokes....

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28 February 2011

Review and giveaway: Curly Girl: The Handbook

A serendipitous coincidence happened a couple weeks ago: just as I was asking for your hair care tips, I received Curly Girl: The Handbook in the mail for review. The publisher had contacted me a few weeks previous with a pitch, and I had said yes, knowing that dealing with...

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28 February 2011

Reduce hair combing drama with distraction

Few long-haired kids or their parents enjoy the daily hair-wrangling session. To calm the complaints (and even the tears), several PHers have come up with simple methods of distraction. From Mrs. Mordecai: I have a very squirmy twenty-month-old daughter. I grouped all of our commonly-used hair accessories (including small bottles...

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25 February 2011

Keep hair clips organized in magnetic spice canisters

Heather has found a solution to hair accessories scattered around the house: Hair clips and bands were constantly being lost and found at our house until I repurposed these magnetic containers. I think technically they’re spice containers, but really, they’re great for holding just about anything small. I found them...

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23 February 2011

Tame tangles by "washing" hair with conditioner

Start detangling your kid's hair in the shower by skipping the shampoo in favor of a conditioner rinse.

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