Poop + Pee + Bath

Poop, pee, and other, uh, substances are a major part of the parenting experience.

We've got lots of scatological hacks, including tips on:

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12 July 2013

Potty train at 17 months? Talk amongst yourselves.

Jennifer's 17 month-old son appears to be potty training himself. In fact, there isn't much "training" going on which is causing Jennifer some confusion as to how to proceed. Any advice for her?

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02 July 2013

06 May 2013

Potty training tip: Use an empty baby wipe container as a dirty underwear "transporter"

Can there ever be enough potty training tips? I don't think so, especially because the process goes so differently for different kids. Erin shared this eminently practical hack for handling the, uh, fallout.

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02 April 2013

Neatly dispense baby ointment and diaper cream with an empty syringe

Creams and ointments come with the job, and this brilliant hack from Kerry puts an old syringe to work as an applicator.

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06 March 2013

Vacuum seal emergency diapers to save bag space

If this isn't a quintisessential parent hack I don't know what is.

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06 August 2012

Use a laundry basket as a hotel bath barrier

Judy recommends using a laundry basket baby bath for her toddler at home and while traveling.

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21 May 2012

Stretch rubber band "grips" around slippery shampoo bottles

This winning hack from Peanuts earns the FOREHEAD SMACK OF BRILLIANCE.

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06 February 2012

How to "semi-childproof" the toilet while potty training? Talk amongst yourselves.

Christina asks: how do you make the toilet accessible for a toddler to use while potty training but not for water play?

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07 December 2011

Little kids, public restrooms, and handwashing? Talk amongst yourselves.

Abigail's kid's too short to reach the sink in a public restroom, but she's pregnant, so picking him up and propping him against a germy countertop isn't ideal. Any ideas?

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08 November 2011

Keep an empty soda bottle in the car for little boy pee emergencies

The title of this hack says it all (perhaps too much for some of you?), but Kim deserves major credit for sending this in. Because, come on! This is so helpful!

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07 November 2011

Piddle Pad protects car seat from diaper blowouts

In response to a hack suggesting disposable changing pads as car seat poop-protectors, @Heatherikki pointed out a smart non-disposable solution.

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07 November 2011

28 October 2011

Advent calendar as potty training reward chart

"The prospect of opening an advent calendar door for each potty success worked amazingly well to motivate my 3-year old son after chocolate buttons, jellybeans, temporary tattoos and a sticker chart had all failed. It was like magic!"

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21 September 2011

05 August 2011

Hairspray removes temporary tattoos

Our kids love to wear temporary tattoos -- those colorful decals that go on with a bit of water. I don't mind them wearing the tattoos, but I don't like trying to remove them...

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