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01 August 2014

This month, your comments save lives

This year, I'm contributing to Blogust -- a month-long blog relay organized by Shot@Life and the United Nations Foundation. For every comment left on a Blogust post each day of August, Walgreens will donate a vaccine to a child, up to 60,000 vaccines.

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09 June 2014

A new and better way to share a parent hack: #parenthacks

I'm moving the Parent Hacks submission process from email to social media. Here's how to submit your hacks.

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04 June 2014

Why Blogging Isn't Dead for Me: Parent Hacks Then, Now, & Ahead

This is a continuation of my attempt to tell you what's next for Parent Hacks. Thank you for indulging my need to talk things out in order to get them clear in my head. If backstory's not your thing, feel free to skip to the "What's Ahead" section. But if...

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16 May 2014

The prologue to the introduction to the next chapter

I spent last week writing a post about what's next for Parent Hacks. The post is crap. Seriously, it sucks. Be glad I didn't publish it. I then went offline for three days to chaperone my daughter's camp field trip in the Oregon desert. It was an amazing experience: high...

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11 February 2014

And Now We Pause For Station Identification

I'm feeling particularly grateful for you today for no particular reason. Sometimes I just have to shout that to the world. Your being here -- on the blog, via email, via Twitter or Facebook -- means so much to me. Having this diffuse group of generous, intelligent, thoughtful people to...

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13 January 2014

It's time to plan an international family vacation

Happy New Year, friends! I'm back online after a big, fat Internet break. In fact, it was more than a break. It was the longest family trip I've ever taken -- three weeks in India with my husband, kids, and parents. 12th century carving at Kopeshwar Temple, Khidrapur My dad's...

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16 December 2013

Want to join me on an Internet sabbatical?

Things have been quiet around here for good reason. I'm taking a big, fat Internet sabbatical for the holidays. There's a family adventure going down which I'll tell you about when I get back online after the New Year. It feels good to step away from the Internet to focus...

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07 November 2013

You helped us #HelpWomenAtRisk. Here are the results.

Thanks to you, we're donating $650 to WOMEN AT RISK. This donation will directly help Ethiopian women who are working to rebuild their lives.

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30 October 2013

Parent Hacks Admin: Sponsored Content FAQ

Everything you ever wanted to know about sponsored content at Parent Hacks!

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27 June 2013

URGENT info for email subscribers and Google Reader users!

If you get Parent Hacks updates via RSS feed or email, you must update your information now.

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30 April 2013

Mom 2.0 Summit, a book signing, and a Cozi thank you

Tomorrow I head to Southern California for the Mom 2.0 Summit, a conference I've been looking forward to since I attended two years ago. Christine and I are speaking, and our talk touches on our roles as both co-authors of Minimalist Parenting and professional bloggers at Boston Mamas and Parent...

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25 February 2013

Parent Hacks highlighted in March issue of Parenting magazine

Parenting Magazine: Early Years Parenting Magazine: School Years The March issue of Parenting contains a great article called "The Best Parenting Advice I Ever Got." What I love about this article (besides the fact that WE ARE IN IT, but I'll get to that in a moment) is that it...

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08 February 2013

Thank you. That's all.

Thank you, everyone, for making this such an incredible place to be every day.

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02 January 2013

Help me chart the course for Parent Hacks in 2013: What do you need help with?

Tell me: what do you need help with this year?

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24 December 2012

Thank you for another wonderful year (and a sneak peek at what's next)

There's so much in store for 2013 here at Parent Hacks, much of it inspired by Minimalist Parenting. I can't wait to share it with you. Till then, have a wonderful, restful holiday. I'm so happy to have spent another year with you.

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