Win Free Invisalign! [Giveaway]


This is exciting enough to justify an animated GIF: Invisalign is hosting a huge giveaway -- one winner will receive FREE Invisalign treatment. Yep. For your kid or for you. Free! If you've been following along on my daughter's and my Invisalign … [Read more]

Are you a martyr mom?

Asha Dornfest and family

This post is part of a series sponsored by Invisalign. I'm documenting my daughter's and my experience with Invisalign clear aligners, and we're receiving complimentary treatment as part of the program. (PSST: you'll have a shot at complimentary … [Read more]

How are you, really?

Mira rock scrambling in Joshua Tree National Park

How are you? I'm a little off, have been for a while. Nothing disastrous. Kids are good, Rael's good, dinner's getting cooked, dog's getting walked, and life is mellow and bubbling with near-future excitement. And I'm wrestling with a … [Read more]