With love.

Sharpie Valentine

Love is simple. Happy Valentine's Day, friends! A photo posted by Asha Dornfest (@ashadornfest) on Feb 14, 2015 at 8:17am PST All it takes is a Sharpie, an index card, and a quiet moment to find the words in my heart. Sending you love … [Read more]

Your Annual Classroom Valentine Sanity Check

A box of store bought valentines is not a sign of slacking.

Clever homemade Valentines are wonderful…but only if you love doing that sort of thing. If you feel the stress or "pressure to perform" ratcheting up, please remember that store-bought Valentines are not a sign of "slacking," they're a choice to … [Read more]

Super-simple washi tape pencil Valentines

Washi tape pencil Valentine. Photo credit: Tami Hackbarth

I put out the call for people's easy, homemade Valentine ideas, and look what Tami Hackbarth sent in: her daughter's sweet Valentine pencils fancied up with washi tape labels. Quick, creative, inexpensive, practical, and a welcome break from candy. A … [Read more]