Let’s talk about Charleston


The horrific events in Charleston, South Carolina. I struggle with what to say, what to do. But I can't wait for clarity before saying something. My heart goes to those families. To the members of that church. To every person who lives in fear, … [Read more]

Links I Like

Thrive Portrait of Asha Dornfest by Karen Walrond

One of the highlights of my week was Lindsey Mead's post Everything Is Changing. It's a beautiful post (she's an incredible writer) but it also brought to mind what happens when we talk honestly about parenting online. A post and a conversation leads … [Read more]

Are there braces in your future?

Asha in braces

This post is sponsored by Invisalign. About two years ago, at the end of my daughter's dental checkup, my dentist gave me a sympathetic look and said the word I'd been expecting for a while: braces. I wasn't surprised. We all knew she'd … [Read more]

Links I Like

Handmade Teddy

I read a lot every week, and have been sharing links I like on Twitter and Facebook for years. Before social media, I used to do a regular blog post full of links I'd saved in Delicious. Who remembers Delicious?? #oldschool For me (community … [Read more]