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01 October 2012

Connecting to Ethiopia through a family meal

I've been trying to place the "bigness" of the ONEMoms trip to Ethiopia into context both for myself and my kids...but I'm falling short. But at least I can share a bit of Ethiopia with my kids before I leave home: we can eat Ethiopian food.

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26 September 2012

ONEMoms: Afraid of, and grateful for, the shots

For about 10 milliseconds, I considered turning down ONE's invitation to travel to Ethiopia. Because I had to get shots. I was the little girl screaming and trying to run away while all the other kids stood in the long line snaking through the elementary school cafeteria, dutifully presenting their...

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16 August 2012

Square ONE: Educating myself about Africa

In six weeks, I board a plane to Ethiopia to learn and share stories about the remarkable partnership between Ethiopian community leaders and the advocacy organization ONE. I'm heading into the experience with very little knowledge about the political process, international aid, the history and culture of Ethiopia, or its modern struggles and triumphs. I'm not proud of my ignorance. But I'm telling you about it for three reasons.

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07 June 2012

Proud to join the #ONEMoms Advisory Council

Last year, I was one of several community partners that shared the story of ONEMoms -- a remarkable collaboration between ten social media moms and the advocacy organization ONE. ONE brought this group to Kenya to educate them about the incredible work going on to support local entrepreneurs, slow the...

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01 December 2011

(2015) Quilt: online, collaborative art symbolizing "the beginning of the end of AIDS"

ONE and (RED) have launched the (2015) Quilt, an electronic version of the famous memorial quilt created in 1987 by the Names Project Foundation. It's an amazing sight. I hope you'll join me and create your own panel.

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29 October 2011

Win a tote bag full of goodies, change the world

The raffle has ended. We are proud (and very grateful) -- we raised $625 for Charity Water, which is $225 OVER our goal. Heartfelt thanks to all who supported us!

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30 July 2011

Weekend Catchup: highlights from the week of 7/25/11

This week was ONEWeek, and I couldn't take my eyes or heart away from the ONEMoms' dispatches from Kenya. Right now, I'm on a solo retreat in the Columbia River Gorge in Oregon. A little alone time to unwind and make plans for the Fall. As I look onto the...

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29 July 2011

#ONEMoms: Community and entrepreneurship in Kibera

I spent this morning reading about the ONEMoms' visit to Kibera, a large slum in the city of Karen, Kenya. They are meeting with women entrepreneurs and community leaders there, and are finding out just how much can be done with small infusions of money and support. Just as important,...

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28 July 2011

#ONEMoms: Education for all

This picture about stopped my heart when Lauren Balog of ONE posted it on Twitter. Given how much thought, reading, research, and handwringing I've done over my own kids' education so far, seeing these children hit me hard. Their beautiful smiles, their school made of corrugated metal (imagine the heat),...

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27 July 2011

#ONEMoms: Maternal- and family health care

The stories coming out of the ONEMoms' trip to Kenya are remarkable. (If you need context, read my intro to ONEWeek, the collaboration between advocacy organization ONE and ten parenting bloggers). Their first two days were spent observing work that comes out of the collaboration between the US Center For...

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25 July 2011

#ONEMoms: Landed in Kenya

The #ONEMoms have landed in Kenya, and, starting tomorrow, we will begin receiving their daily dispatches. Here's how to follow along.

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21 July 2011

ONE Week in Kenya: Using our voices on behalf of the world's poorest

On Monday, July 24, 2011, ten bloggers will travel to Kenya with the advocacy organization ONE. They will spend a week seeing, hearing, feeling what life is like for mothers in the developing world. Through their reports, we will all gain a better understanding of what many of the world's...

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