52 hacks in "Minimalist Parenting (the book!)"

09 January 2013

Big news: Minimalist Parenting now available for pre-order!

It's been over a year since Christine and I put our heads and hands together and set off on the challenge of writing a book. I am so excited to share with you that MINIMALIST PARENTING is now available for pre-order at Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and your favorite local...

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09 January 2013

Minimalist Parenting book trailer [VIDEO]

Thanks to the generous help of several talented photographers, one video editing genius and some royalty-free music, we ended up with a book trailer that went beyond what we ever hoped for.

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24 December 2012

Thank you for another wonderful year (and a sneak peek at what's next)

There's so much in store for 2013 here at Parent Hacks, much of it inspired by Minimalist Parenting. I can't wait to share it with you. Till then, have a wonderful, restful holiday. I'm so happy to have spent another year with you.

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20 December 2012

My Minimalist Parenting appearance on AM Northwest [video]

On Monday, I was invited to talk about Minimalist Parenting (specifically, our holiday approach) on Portland's local morning show, AM Northwest. The host, Dave, is a lovely guy...so easy to talk to. And the studio is a five-minute drive from my house, so the whole experience felt rather neighborly. It's...

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18 December 2012

Even minimalists love their stuff

Just because we're striving for Minimalist Holidays (or minimalist parenting in general) doesn't mean we must foresake our love of stuff.

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17 December 2012

I'm talking about Minimalist Holidays on AM Northwest this morning

Good morning, friends. I'm off to the studios of KATU (our local ABC affiliate) to talk about Minimalist Holidays on the morning show AM Northwest.

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13 December 2012

What my kids cherish most about holiday rituals

In my next post in the Minimalist Holidays series, I've identified the two things that make our holiday traditions special, and they're surprisingly simple and affordable (often, free).

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07 December 2012

How to shorten the holiday to-do list without losing the magic

For so many, holiday cheer inevitably gets clouded by anxiety. But how do you choose what to cut? What if you lower your expectations to the point where the holidays no longer feel special?

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26 November 2012

7 ways to shorten your gift list without stifling your holiday spirit

Now that the Holiday Buying Season is officially upon us, I figured it's a good time to revisit a topic I've written about before: how to shorten the holiday gift list.

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19 September 2012

On writing, talking, walking, and eating dog food

Hello, friends! It feels wonderful to be back (although I was never gone). Here's what I have been up to lately.

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21 August 2012

Fantastic new book released today: Duct Tape Parenting

If you find yourself arguing, cajoling, and negotiating a bit too much with your kids, give the new book "Duct Tape Parenting" a read. It's a refreshing reminder that doing less is often the answer (a message dear to my heart).

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03 August 2012

Evergreen "answers" to your kids' questions

For my kids' good and mine, I'm delegating the job of thinking to them. Here are six "answers" to kids' questions that will remind them that the best answer is theirs to find.

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10 July 2012

Hitting the surface: What's next for Minimalist Parenting and me

WELL HELLO MY FRIENDS! This is me hitting the surface after a couple weeks on a deep dive in the book-writing ocean. *Big, celebratory inhale*

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05 June 2012

How to care of yourself this summer

Would love to talk further about self-care -- the whys, whats, and hows.

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16 May 2012

Minimalist decluttering: share your brilliance

I'm combing through the Getting Organized hacks and am amazed by the wealth of wisdom and practical strategy there. But I'm sure there's more to talk about. Come on down to the Minimalist Parenting blog -- we're collecting even more brilliance for possible inclusion in the book.

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