52 hacks in "Minimalist Parenting (the book!)"

02 July 2014

Should you force your kids into new activities?

When Christine and I launched Minimalist Parenting, interviewers inevitably asked us: But aren't you afraid "minimalist parenting" will lead to lazy, unmotivated kids? It's not a bad question. How can kids come to know their capabilities without a push (sometimes a firm one) out of their comfort zones? Kristen Howerton...

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06 May 2014

Minimalist Parenting Giveaway

Sometimes the world lines things up in such a way that you feel the need to shout THANK YOU. Now is one of those times. Minimalist Parenting was nominated for two Iris Awards: Game Changer and Philanthropic Work (for our #HelpWomenAtRisk project with the ONE Campaign). To be recognized by...

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12 March 2014

FREE EVENT: How to make room for fun

Join me on tomorrow's "Thursdays with ThirdPath" call (actually a webinar but it's meant to be a conversation, not a lecture).

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07 March 2014

When your kids go to school for the first time: how do you handle it?

I was a guest on the One Bad Mother podcast, on which I offered hosts Biz and Theresa what I hope is encouraging Minimalist Parenting-inspired advice about sending kids to school for the first time.

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06 February 2014

In Praise of Store-Bought Valentines

A friendly reminder for those of you who just don't feel like making Valentines this year but are feeling slightly guilty about it.

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21 November 2013

Our new email series will help you find your holiday calm: Minimalist Holidays

Sign up now for Minimalist Holidays, a free email series to help you find your holiday calm.

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01 October 2013

Minimalist Parenting benefit for women in Ethiopia: #HelpWomenAtRisk

A year ago, my co-author Christine Koh and I traveled to Ethiopia with the ONE Campaign. The trip came just a few weeks after we turned in the manuscript for Minimalist Parenting. The timing coupled with the intensity of co-authoring a book linked the experiences for us in a powerful...

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13 September 2013

Summer postmortem: did your kids do too much? Not enough? Thoughts on course correction.

As you look back on your summer, what worked and what didn't? What might you do differently next summer?

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14 June 2013

How trust and parenting go hand-in-hand (it's hard)

Trust. Even when the road leads somewhere you can't see.

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27 May 2013

How do minimalist parents handle summer?

Christine and I will be discussing summertime strategies for minimalist parents on NPR’s Tell Me More tomorrow, 5/28.

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11 May 2013

Weekend reading + links

Ahhhhhhh. That's the sound of me coming down from a fab time at the Mom 2.0 Summit in Southern California AND getting my working computer back from the Apple Geniuses. Feels like a new beginning all around, you know? Mom2 was the first time I saw Christine in person since...

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30 April 2013

Mom 2.0 Summit, a book signing, and a Cozi thank you

Tomorrow I head to Southern California for the Mom 2.0 Summit, a conference I've been looking forward to since I attended two years ago. Christine and I are speaking, and our talk touches on our roles as both co-authors of Minimalist Parenting and professional bloggers at Boston Mamas and Parent...

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27 April 2013

A story about life balance, and an exciting feature

Time to get back in balance. At least, that's what my computer's telling me. Also: a feature in The Week!

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21 April 2013

Portland book party wrap-up

In case you missed the party...

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20 April 2013

Weekend book news: Portland party TONIGHT, Alpha Mom Book Club and more

I do book-related highlight roundups here on the weekend.

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