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2014 Brain Chase Winner

This post is sponsored by Brain Chase, a summer learning challenge like nothing I’ve ever seen before. Read on for details, plus a special discount code for Parent Hacks readers. I’ve long held that “summer brain drain” is an academic problem, not a learning problem. Summer learning — open-ended, active, exploratory — is harder to measure but just as valuable as classroom learning. […]

Chores for Older Kids: Hold Them Accountable

Chores = move-out skills #parenthacks #kids #parenting #chores

We’ve had a breakthrough with my kids’ chores. Not because we discovered a magical new chore system for older kids — but because we finally held our kids accountable to the chore system we’re already using. Chores for Older Kids: Expect More As They Get Older When my kids were little, the daily chore list was simple: hang […]