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15 October 2010

Avoiding bed bugs in used clothing

If you're a buyer of second-hand kids' clothes, a lover of the "free bin," or a garage sale or thrift store shopper, you need to be wary about bedbugs. Bedbugs are making a comeback across the United States and can stow away in furniture, mattresses, clothing...just about anything. I'm not...

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24 September 2010

Cartoon stickers on healthy snack packaging increase kid appeal

via Sigh. I appreciate this post by Snack Girl, aka Lisa/@Snack_Girl_, but it also crushes me a little. Through no fault of Lisa's! Her post brings to light a study that shows, yes indeed, cartoon characters on food packaging -- even healthy food such as fresh fruit -- makes...

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23 September 2010

Homemade flash cards help kids pack their own lunches

via Our recent brainstorming session on encouraging kids to eat their school lunches inspired this amazing project. Based on several Parenthackers' suggestions, Alanna was looking to teach her kids to pack their own lunches. She came up with this: flash cards. Remarkable. Read the full post at Tied To...

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07 September 2010

Cook a mixture of brown and white rice in the same pot

For kids who are "sure" they hate brown rice, this method adds whole grains but keeps cleanup easy.

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14 July 2010

Bandaids as temporary outlet covers

Ah, the creativity that comes from necessity. Amy's travel babyproofing hack: We rented a little cabin in very rural South Dakota over the holiday. Because it was so far away from any town we packed our food and most every thing else that we needed except...outlet covers for little fingers!...

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30 June 2010

Cover healing umbilical cord site with a cotton nursing pad

Kim calls this the "rising moon." When I saw her hack in my inbox, I thought it had something to do with Twilight mania! Then I remembered the book is called New Moon, and that I'm not as connected to pop culture as a few other people I know. (Hey,...

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25 May 2010

Make a photo collage of your kid's facial expressions

via Gorgeous idea from Chris at catalog your kid's emotional states and facial expressions in the form of a photo collage. Thank you, @IrishGirl, for passing along the link!

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03 May 2010

The Sharpie Sex Change

via It's a tiny hack, but that photo is worth a thousand words. And thank you, Vanessa, not only for pointing it out, but for letting me snag the post title I'm sure you were dying to use yourself.

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26 April 2010

Cucumber-dill yogurt "teacup snacks"

via My mention of Edible Teacups in one of the link roundups prompted Cindy to send me a link to this idea in her blog...which also reminded her kid Willy Wonka teacups! Cindy's post is part of a series she wrote about 101 ways to flavor plain yogurt.

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26 April 2010

How to Make a Cheap, Low-Profile Wooden Bed Frame

via Eric Wilhelm made this simple low-to-the-ground bedframe so his baby daughter could sleep on the bed without a long fall (if it ever came to that). Great idea for a toddler bed as well!

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24 April 2010

Best of Parent Hacks: Gardening with kids

Kids and gardening! There are so many reasons to get your kids growing things, digging in the yard, or even sprouting a few seeds in a pot on the front step. Here are our best "gardening with kids" tips to get you started.

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09 April 2010

Paint-on sunscreen!

Peace's sunscreen mishap turned into a wonderful hack! Keep this in mind as sunny weather (or Spring snowplay) approaches: While vacationing in Costa Rica we paid quite a bit for some spray-on sunscreen for my little ones. After only one day of use, we dropped and cracked the bottle and...

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08 April 2010

Keep Tucks Pads in your purse to soothe bug bites

Ismara's on-the-go solution for bug bites: As we approach the mosquito season every parent probably knows that witch hazel can help with the horrible itch of these pesky bites. Well, my son and I are hot commodities in the mosquito community and we are constantly dealing with these painful irritations....

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04 March 2010

Momversation: Sexual abuse: how do you talk to your kids about it?

Thanks to Jen for broaching the topic, and D for expanding upon it in the comments of this post, my topic for Momversation this week is talking to your kids about sexual abuse. I wanted to be able to open up the amazing conversation we've been having here with a...

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03 March 2010

Turn a Kabaclip contact lens case into a sanitary earplug holder

Dawn's smart solution for keeping track of earplugs (especially expensive fitted ones): Just recently my daughter had tubes put in her ears for chronic ear infections. She now needs to wear ear plugs in the bath and for swimming until the tubes come out. One week after the surgery I...

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