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08 July 2011

Empty fried chicken bucket good for carsickness "insurance"

I will not make a "finger-lickin' good" joke. I will not make a "finger-lickin' good" joke. I will not make a "finger-lickin' good" joke...

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01 July 2011

Frogg Togg Chilly Pad cools hot kids quick

Kim recommends these cooling towels for bringing down an overheated kid's temperature pronto.

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27 June 2011

Make absorbent ice packs out of disposable diapers

A clever first-aid hack straight from the maternity ward nurses.

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09 June 2011

Amazon deal: Chan rubber teether (by the maker of the famous Sophie the Giraffe) 20% off

Sophie the Giraffe came along after my kids were past teething age, so while I haven't experienced the phenomenon myself, I've spoken to parents who have. They lovingly liken Sophie -- a soft, natural rubber teething toy --- to "baby crack." Comments such as NOTHING SOOTHES MY BABY LIKE SOPHIE...

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07 June 2011

Vapor rub on the back of the hand helps congested thumb-suckers breathe easier at night

Do you use menthol rub on your kids? How old are they? Where do you put the rub? Do you have a favorite brand?

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29 April 2011

"Childproof" kitchen cabinets by hiding the knobs behind towels

Did your childproofing standards change when you had more than one child?

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13 April 2011

Baking soda deodorizes a mattress after a stomach flu disaster

Perhaps the title of this hack was enough information, but in case you want more detail, here it is, from Rebecca: The other night I found out the hard way that baking soda is good for yet another thing. I was snuggling my 4 year-old to sleep. He had been...

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04 April 2011

Parenthacker's toolkit: stuff every parent needs

When sharing the link for the baking soda shampoo hack on Twitter and Facebook, I joked about how baking soda should be part of a collection of must-have multitaskers for busy parents: the Parenthacker's Toolkit. A flood of responses came back suggesting what else should be on the list. Here's...

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23 March 2011

Wet hair, cold head? Wear a hat to bed!

Bring back the stocking cap! Tracy did and it kept her daughter cozy in bed while keeping heating bills low: My daughter took a bath before bed and was uncomfortable and cold because her hair was wet. Being that this time of year the heat doesn't always kick in as...

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22 March 2011

Reclining high chair makes for hands-free snot sucking and medicine-giving

Kelly Rose's sick-baby-containment tip: My 11 month-old is battling pneumonia right now, so we've had to use a nasal aspirator and give him medicine, both of which he hates and struggles against. We have a high chair that reclines (Fisher Price Space Saver), so I put him in the high...

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28 February 2011

Reading is fun (and crunchy!) with letter-shaped cookies

via Look what Amy of Flexible Dreams is doing with Trader Joe's Cinnamon Schoolhouse cookies. I should say: look what her kids are doing! Smart and fun. Read the full post for more photos and ideas. Thanks for sharing this on the Facebook page, Amy!

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08 February 2011

Tips for reducing terror at the doctor's office

For some kids, even the most routine doctor's visit is terrifying -- and traumatic for you. Here's how Alexandra helped calm the fear.

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04 February 2011

Book giveaway: Rabbit's Year

via Wise and wonderful Parenthacker Marita is giving away a copy of the picture book Rabbit's Year...a sweet story that teaches kids about Chinese New Year and about how to make friends. Click over to Stuff With Thing enter. (Thanks for the heads up via Facebook, Marita!)

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19 November 2010

Vomit hack: Keep the training potty nearby

Vomit is an inevitable topic around here. Reading about kid puke may be gross, but it beats cleaning carpet and changing sheets in the middle of the night, right? Thank you for this, Shimona! I don’t know about anyone else’s kids, but for mine, it’s not very comfortable to lean...

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18 October 2010

Bed bug prevention: Ziploc Big Bags or a sealed plastic storage box

As a follow-up to our discussion about avoiding bed bugs in used clothing, one of the suggestions was to seal second-hand purchases in a Ziploc bag before putting them directly into the wash. It occured to me that keeping a stash of Ziploc Big Bags in the trunk would be...

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