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27 January 2014

Will you be my workout buddy? [Fitness Challenge]

Join me for free 8-week fitness challenge! Click through for details.

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04 June 2013

03 June 2013

This awkward conversation might save your son's life

Testicular cancer is the #1 cancer in young men, but is highly survivable when detected early.

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29 May 2013

Add water flavoring to medicine to make it more palatable for kids

Meagan's found a way to make the medicine go down a little easier for her kids.

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02 April 2013

Neatly dispense baby ointment and diaper cream with an empty syringe

Creams and ointments come with the job, and this brilliant hack from Kerry puts an old syringe to work as an applicator.

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01 April 2013

A simple hack for forgetful Tooth Fairies

Does the Tooth Fairy sometimes forget about your kids' lost teeth? Yeah, same here. Well, Meagan Francis of The Happiest Mom and The Kitchen Hour podcast has come up with a solution.

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14 January 2013

"Organize" school flyers by storing them as pictures on your phone

Katie's smart strategy for handling the influx of school notices, permission slips, and flyers

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04 January 2013

Soft bath toys as drool absorbers

Have you got a drooler? A gusher? A saliva factory? When my son was a baby his mouth was like a tap you could never fully turn off. But Steffie's discovered a solution (or, at least, a handy plug).

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21 December 2012

Adjusting room temperatures in a centrally-heated home

It's cold. You turn up the thermostat. One room in your house feels nice and warm, but another never heats up (or gets too hot). What do you do?

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23 October 2012

Sponge + Ziploc = no-drip icepack

Great idea, and likely more comfortable (and cheaper) than our old standby, a bag of frozen peas. Any other DIY ice pack ideas?

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18 October 2012

Puke-protect the car seat with Glad Press'n Seal wrap

Jennie turned a wine bottle tote into a portable carsickness cleanup kit. She follows it up with a bit of preventative prep using Glad Press'n Seal wrap. IMPORTANT: Read safety warning on this post.

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12 October 2012

ONEMoms in Ethiopia: First health, then happiness

How can you possibly sum this photo up? Photo credit: ONE/Karen Walrond Before you can be happy, you have to be healthy. It sounds like a platitude you'd read in Chicken Soup for the Afflicted Soul, but I'm seeing it in the most literal way here in Ethiopia. Health --...

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24 April 2012

When your "balance" looks different

When parents judge each other without the benefit of the full story.

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10 April 2012

Kid takes swim vest off while in the pool?

What happens when you combine the stubbornness of a toddler with the increased manual dexterity of a preschooler, then add water? You have a kid who can undo the buckles on his floaty swim vest. Here's how Jennifer staved off the problem (for the next few pool visits at least).

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21 February 2012

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