Starting Invisalign: What It’s Like in the Beginning

Wearing our aligners

I’m documenting my daughter’s and my experience with Invisalign clear aligners. I’m a member of the Invisalign Mom Advisory Board, and we are receiving complimentary treatment as part of the program. Our mother-daughter adventure in orthodontia has begun. Mimi and I have started Invisalign are dutifully wearing our aligners and adjusting to new eating and tooth-brushing routines. I’ve […]

Vaccination, guns, and other awkward pre-playdate questions

"Diphtheria vaccination poster". Licensed under Public Domain via Wikimedia Commons -

“Are your kids vaccinated?” A mother asked Katia Hetter this question before dropping her kid off on a playdate. At first, Katia was taken aback, but moments later she felt grateful for this mom’s straightforward approach. Katia also happens to be a reporter, so she wrote up the experience as part of a larger story for CNN: […]

A discovery, an apology, and an offer [Fitness challenge]

Parent Hacks 8 Week Fitness Challenge

This is a hard post to write. Eight weeks ago I invited you to join me for a fitness challenge. Despite my loving the workouts and the entire experience,  I didn't follow through as well as I had intended. I didn't do every workout, and I didn't write. I bungled this in a big way. […]