97 hacks in "Halloween"

25 July 2014

Turn a t-shirt into a no-sew superhero cape

This DIY project breaks Edna Mode's #1 fashion rule for superheroes, but I don't care. It's quick, easy, cute, and it involves zero sewing machines.

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09 November 2013

A dad's "fat" talk, hacks for working parents, and more

Here are a few links I enjoyed this week. Hope you do, too.

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01 November 2013

Parent Hacks Spotlight: Envelope budgeting, candy control, and more

Some links to distract you from your sugar high.

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31 October 2013

A comforting Halloween reminder for exhausted parents

I'm hearing some angst from parents who are feeling like Halloween losers. They didn't carve pumpkins, they procrastinated on costumes, they can't find the decorations, and/or they're just not into it. They want their kids to have a fabulous Halloween but just aren't up to the holiday frenzy that seems...

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18 October 2013

Best of Parent Hacks: Halloween

We've got lots of Halloween hacks!

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16 July 2013

DIY window clings with fabric paint

Fun, quick diversion for summer and for Christmas or Halloween window decor.

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04 December 2012

Creativity + craftiness, all boxed up and ready to go (or gift)

Kiwi Crate is the craft kit we all wish for our kids. These beautifully-packaged kits contain wonderful projects, use high-quality materials, and follow clever and interesting themes. Here's my review.

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05 November 2012

Turn your disintegrating Jack O'Lantern into a garden experiment

Calling this a Parent Hack is a reach since it's little more than thinly-veiled avoidance of a disgusting job. But that won't stop me!

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01 November 2012

After Halloween: tips for cleanup, candy disposal, discounts

If you're like me, the day after Halloween is best spent on the couch with a cup of coffee and a good book. But if you can scrape together just a little more energy for some post-Halloween cleanup, you'll feel better about those mini-Snickers bars you ate this morning.

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30 October 2012

No Halloween costume? No problem. (I said so on TV.)

My appearance on AM Northwest demonstrating last-minute Halloween costumes. None are particularly flashy or magazine-worthy, nor will they blow you away with their cleverness. That's the point.

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03 October 2012

Halloween: the endlessly hackable holiday

My ONEMoms trip to Ethiopia happens during prime time for Halloween hackery, so our usual swapping of hacks will be reduced this year. HOWEVER, if you're looking for ideas, there are a TON of great hacks in the Parent Hacks archives. Here are the shortcuts to finding the Halloween goodness.

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02 November 2011

Long-term thinking about Halloween candy management

Halloween is over! Phew. Now ask yourself this question: Next Halloween, will you have to engage in the same old candy-control struggle with your kids?

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31 October 2011

Halloween: it's okay if you're not prepared

The pumpkins are carved, the spider webs are up, and the costumes are squared away.You know what? It doesn't matter!

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27 October 2011

Halloween costume hack: turn laptop bag pouches into play holsters

Even if you're a costume-making newbie, the concept behind this hack is within your grasp. The idea is this: instead of buying fabric from the fabric store and fashioning something from scratch, buy second-hand, already-sewn items that approximate what you want, then deconstruct and customize.

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25 October 2011

Flame-free Jack o' Lantern: use Christmas lights!

Have trouble keeping your Halloween jack o' lantern lit? Tired of burning pumpkin? Try Brian's hack!

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