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So many parenting headaches boil down to lack of organization. But how do you find time to get organized when there's barely time for a shower?

Help is here. We've got hundreds of tips for organizing your house, your time, and your life, including:

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08 January 2013

Keeping board games organized? Talk amongst yourselves.

Let's give Tracy a hand...please share your tips for keeping board games organized!

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03 January 2013

The one mental shift that will help you keep your New Year’s resolutions

"I’ve made a shift in my thinking about my hopes and plans for the future. This one mental shift has completely changed the way I think about solving problems and improving my life."

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18 December 2012

Even minimalists love their stuff

Just because we're striving for Minimalist Holidays (or minimalist parenting in general) doesn't mean we must foresake our love of stuff.

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14 December 2012

14 November 2012

Simplify, Celebrate, and Enjoy the Season: Introducing Minimalist Holidays

Welcome to Minimalist Holidays, a series of posts inspired by the central idea behind Minimalist Parenting: you can enjoy the holidays more when you do less.

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13 November 2012

Never forget a password again: 1Password

I call some problems "mice that roar." Small problems that cause big inconvenience. One mouse that roars in my life is the forgotten password. Here's my solution.

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01 November 2012

After Halloween: tips for cleanup, candy disposal, discounts

If you're like me, the day after Halloween is best spent on the couch with a cup of coffee and a good book. But if you can scrape together just a little more energy for some post-Halloween cleanup, you'll feel better about those mini-Snickers bars you ate this morning.

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24 October 2012

Rethinking the baby book: Carry a yearly notepad instead

Baby book guilt. We've all got it (on some level) because it's impossible to capture EVERY moment and milestone. Meghan has a different strategy: she shares the work and fun of recording memories with her daughter.

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22 October 2012

16 October 2012

Turn a wine bottle tote into a portable carsickness kit

Which do you do more often? a) Carry six bottles of wine somewhere? b) Handle an episode of carsickness? Hence, Jennie's travel hack.

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25 September 2012

Review and giveaway: Gretchen Rubin's "Happier At Home"

I have five copies of Gretchen Rubin's fantastic new book, "Happier At Home," to give away! (Exciting! I haven't done a giveaway in a long time.)

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21 September 2012

Press small clothes with a hair straightening flat iron

Every hack that reduces ironing should get an immediate pass to the front of the line. I'm satisfied when they're clean. BUT, I have dealt with the bow problem Heidi mentions, and she offers a brilliant solution

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22 August 2012

Back to School: Five Realistic Tips for Transition

My plan is to balance getting prepared for school with enjoying our finals days of summer.

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23 July 2012

A storage solution for tiny treasures

When Babble gave me the opportunity to write about storage for The Home Depot, I seized upon it as a way for my daughter and I to take charge of her tiny treasures.

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19 June 2012

Knock off cleaning tasks in the time it takes to reheat your food

Sometimes the business of blogging dovetails perfectly with the business of life, and this is just such an occasion. My advertising partner, Federated Media, contacted me about participating in a Pine-Sol-sponsored conversation about household tips. Just that morning I stumbled onto this tip and was planning to write it up. I love it when that happens.

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