Getting Organized

So many parenting headaches boil down to lack of organization. But how do you find time to get organized when there's barely time for a shower?

Help is here. We've got hundreds of tips for organizing your house, your time, and your life, including:

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21 May 2013

15 May 2013

Kids hang their own coats with the help of stick-on hooks

Michelle's hack illustrates how simple home tweaks can make a big difference to your kid's independence.

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29 April 2013

Manage your money just enough: create a simple filing system for your tax records

Part 1 of the series "Manage Your Money Just Enough": When it comes to a simple filing system, having a system in place -- any system -- lets you handle paper and information as soon as it comes in.

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25 April 2013

Your money management tips are on the way

Photo credit: A little while ago I put out a hack request for your simple money management tips. Your response has been so great that it's taking me a while to organize and post your tips! I'm taking extra time with this series because I know that organizing finances,...

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23 April 2013

6 things you can stop doing now

From my new post at Babble: "Do less, enjoy more." There’s a symmetry to that line…a balance that’s so tantalizing in its simplicity. Unfortunately, it brings to mind another line: "Easier said than done..."

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16 April 2013

HACK REQUEST: Organizing your finances

Let's talk about money systems. I want to hear about your just-enough-not-too-much approaches to finances.

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08 April 2013

Use cloth diapers as reusable Swiffer Sweeper pads

Swiffer Sweepers are convenient, but the disposable cleaning cloths get expensive and add to the landfill. Here's a quick idea for DIY reusable Swiffer pads.

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03 April 2013

I'm not a parenting expert, but I play one awesome new video resource for parents

Kids In The House is a new video advice site for parents. In some ways it resembles a "video Parent Hacks": thousands of easily searchable short videos that focus on solving specific parenting problems. I'm one of the "experts."

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01 April 2013

Streamlining school year routines and activities

In our second week hosting the HuffPost Parents Stress-Less Parenting Workshop, Christine and I are talking about school-year routines and activities.

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01 April 2013

A simple hack for forgetful Tooth Fairies

Does the Tooth Fairy sometimes forget about your kids' lost teeth? Yeah, same here. Well, Meagan Francis of The Happiest Mom and The Kitchen Hour podcast has come up with a solution.

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20 March 2013

Tissue box as stomp rocket storage system

A stomp rocket is my favorite birthday present choice for a 3- to 7 year-old with a warm weather birthday. This hack from Whitney Moss of Rookie Moms and 510 Families puts a tissue box to work storing the rockets.

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04 March 2013

Here's to the people who help

How do your favorite, sparkly, well-groomed bloggers do it all? With help. In theory, we know this, but the particulars often go unmentioned, which leaves many of us wondering why we can't seem to handle the day-to-day as well as do (or, at least, as they appear to on Pinterest and Instagram).

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27 February 2013

Clothing-shaped drawer labels show kids where to put away their clothes

Susan's brilliant labeling brainstorm helps her kids get their laundry put away.

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26 February 2013

Labels for pre-readers? Use photo stickers!

Isa's two-line hack is an organizing revelation for parents whose kids can't yet read labels.

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07 February 2013

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