Gardening with kids: Best of Parent Hacks

Kid's garden toteGardening with kids! There are so many reasons to get your kids growing things, digging in the yard, or even sprouting a few seeds in a pot on the front step. Here are our best “gardening with kids” tips to get you started.

Creating a kid-friendly garden

Save spring prunings for edging and fairy house construction material

Roots, Shoots, Buckets and BootsPay kids a penny per weed

Turn an old crib into a baby gate and a garden trellis

Egg carton as seed-starting greenhouse

Berry box mini-greenhouse

Homemade garden plant markers

Turn the Pack n’ Play into a shady hangout for baby

Babies and dirt go together just fine

Reuse silica gel packets when storing your garden seeds

Reuse inexpensive knit stretch gloves as kids’ gardening gloves

Mow “pathways” in the lawn

Save money while teaching skills: pay your kids for household jobs

You can do it: grow a vegetable garden