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16 September 2013

How to open gifts at a birthday party without making guests feel awkward

Ellen's simple, thoughtful solution for opening birthday gifts at a party is mindful of everyone involved: the honoree, the guests, and their parents.

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13 September 2013

Free email workshop "Beyond Baby" launches this weekend

Meagan Francis, creator of one of my favorite sites, The Happiest Home, is launching a free 20-week email workshop this weekend, and now's your chance to be a part of the inaugural group. Beyond Baby is for moms who are moving out of the baby phase and are looking for...

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29 July 2013

Best of Parent Hacks: Summertime edition

Consider this my gone fishin' sign -- it will pop up when my attention leads me away from the computer for a few days.

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16 July 2013

DIY window clings with fabric paint

Fun, quick diversion for summer and for Christmas or Halloween window decor.

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04 July 2013

13 June 2013

One mom's DIY approach to summer: "structure, not scheduling"

The summer plan is structured, not scheduled. Sounds lovely, but what does it really look like, day to day?

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12 June 2013

Summer project: homemade merit badges

You know you want one. I do. I'm gonna suggest this Etsy tutorial to my almost 10 year-old daughter as a summertime project.

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11 June 2013

Swimming with kids: tips for making it easier

In my new post at The Accidental Expert, I've combed though our "day at the pool" hacks and added a bit more wisdom of my own.

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10 June 2013

Summer vacation: the big picture

Two links I hope will help you think differently about summer, especially if you're feeling panicked about the months ahead.

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27 May 2013

How do minimalist parents handle summer?

Christine and I will be discussing summertime strategies for minimalist parents on NPR’s Tell Me More tomorrow, 5/28.

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24 May 2013

Reading + links for your weekend

It has been an odd week around here. I've been in a low-level funk ever since returning from Mom 2.0 Summit, which makes no sense. Frankly, it pisses me off because really, why? (Especially in light of the happenings in Oklahoma, it feels pretty spoiled. Donating to the Red Cross...

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21 May 2013

20 May 2013

How to grow a petting garden (sponsored)

If your kids are as attracted to soft, fuzzy things as mine were at that age (and still are), you will love this easy garden project...perfect for a summer afternoon.

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14 May 2013

Mother's Day disappointment? Honest advice for next year.

At Etsy: Mother's Day Card: Shark Attack, by Emily-Bell From Mother's Day fail? Lessons learned -- and honest advice for avoiding disappointment next year: "I hate Mother's Day." This, from a friend I ran into on the walk home from school. I appreciated her candor but couldn't help feeling sad....

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16 April 2013

Spring cleaning is more fun when it's outside

An excerpt of my new post at Babble, "Screen wean! 8 fun and useful outdoor 'chores' to coax your kids outside."

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