I’ve had a lightbulb moment about my kids’ picky eating


I’ve been frustrated by my kids’ picky eating for years. But I think I’ve had an epiphany. I just remembered how my appetite changed while I was pregnant. I, who had never been picky, suddenly became intensely opinionated about my food. I craved certain foods while others were downright repugnant, and I had a dramatic, […]

Does your kid’s Thermos-packed lunch taste soapy?

Dishwashing detergent bubbles in the sink

No mind-blowing parent hack here — just one of those mundane problems that, when solved, made a big difference. — Asha “I liked the pasta, but it tasted a bit…soapy.” That’s the last thing I expected to hear about my daughter’s school lunch. I pack her lunch in an insulated container almost every day. After years of failed attempts […]

Picky Kids + Cookbook Salvation: My “Sheet Pan Suppers” Epiphany

Sheet Pan Suppers by Molly Gilbert

The Universe was smiling upon me when Sheet Pan Suppers arrived in my PO box a few days ago. Picky kids, my Facebook wail, and angels disguised as mail carriers It was a gloomy, damp weekend, and I was feeling especially beaten down by my kids’ picky eating habits. During my casual Sunday Facebooking, I noticed an article my friend Roxanna […]

DIY bottle holder lets babies feed themselves

DIY bottle holder lets babies feed themselves. Photo credit: sueb262/Instructables #parenthacks

I already love the Oball by Rhino Toys — it's my #1 gift for new babies. But THIS hack? Damn smart. From sueb262: From the very first, my granddaughter has been independent. When she was about 2 months old, she started trying to hold her bottle herself, but it was too big for her hands […]