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23 January 2014

Rebooting the bedtime routine after a long stay with the grandparents? Talk amongst yourselves.

The broken bedtime routine. It's so maddening because you can remember when it used to work. Especially difficult because life doesn't magically pause while you try to manage your child's sleep problem...which has quickly become the entire family's sleep problem. From Santiaga: I have two children: a 3 YO son...

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11 December 2013

The Very Small Parent Hacks Holiday Gift Guide

I'm the last one who should be putting together a gift guide. I'm not a tastemaker nor a trend watcher. I'm not even much of a shopper, and I'm a general proponent of less stuff. But I do love to give and receive gifts. I love finding an interesting or...

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05 November 2013

A foolproof system for sending birthday cards on time every year (sponsored)

I forget to send birthday cards. I could go the way of guilt and self-recrimination or I could take the brighter route and come up with a way to help myself remember. I choose the more productive path.

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18 July 2013

Changing when you're resistant to change

How do you approach change when change feels scary?

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02 July 2013

"Help! My kid won't poop in an unfamiliar public toilet!"

What to do if your kid is afraid to poop in a public restroom.

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21 May 2013

Free movie "rental" through your local library

I'm in love with our Netflix replacement: our county library.

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08 May 2013

Perfect hard boiled eggs, only faster!

You can steam eggs on the stovetop resulting in perfect hard boiled eggs in a fraction of the time. Here's how.

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10 April 2013

Motivate struggling readers with joke books, comics and other "junky" reads

Dana's simple hack of using humor to dial down reading anxiety for her son Wenxin could apply to any struggling reader.

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01 April 2013

A simple hack for forgetful Tooth Fairies

Does the Tooth Fairy sometimes forget about your kids' lost teeth? Yeah, same here. Well, Meagan Francis of The Happiest Mom and The Kitchen Hour podcast has come up with a solution.

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13 February 2013

How to find your balance with a strong willed toddler? Talk amongst yourselves.

Now do you find balance amidst the chaos of the baby-and-toddler years?

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06 February 2013

When kids won't eat what's for dinner...but are old enough to cook?

What do you do when your finicky kids don't like (read: CAN'T STAND) what's being served for dinner and ask if they can instead prepare something else for themselves?

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28 January 2013

Boxed classroom Valentines: convenient, lazy...or a non-issue?

A Valentine's Day sanity check.

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14 January 2013

"Organize" school flyers by storing them as pictures on your phone

Katie's smart strategy for handling the influx of school notices, permission slips, and flyers

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07 January 2013

Simple casserole hack doubles your dinners

I employ this hack whenever I make lasagna, enchiladas or some other casserole-type dinner.

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11 December 2012

Do your kids need religion?

My new Accidental Expert post strays from the usual practical topics into something I rarely talk about: religion.

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