The downsides of Invisalign

The Dornfest family in Athens, Greece

Even though the downsides to Invisalign are minor (especially when I compare it to what it was like in braces), I thought listing them might help you get a fuller picture as you weigh your orthodontic choices.

Invisalign at school: Q & A with a middle schooler

One of Invisalign’s advantages over braces — that you can remove the aligners while you eat — can also be its downfall, especially for kids in school. Here’s how my daughter handles Invisalign at school.

A summer update


Hello, friends! How is your Summer going so far? Ours is starting big with a family trip to Europe. We’re traveling to Greece for a friend’s wedding. I haven’t been to Greece since 1989, and I’ve wanted to go back ever since. The wedding is in Thessaloniki, and then we’re onto the island of Mykonos, and then […]

Links I Like

Thrive Portrait of Asha Dornfest by Karen Walrond

One of the highlights of my week was Lindsey Mead’s post Everything Is Changing. It’s a beautiful post (she’s an incredible writer) but it also brought to mind what happens when we talk honestly about parenting online. A post and a conversation leads to another post and more conversation, and we feel less alone. The other highlight: I had the […]