Social Me-dia: Going From Brand to Person Online

Now tweeting at @ashadornfest

I’ve been tweeting as @parenthacks for almost seven years. Over the weekend, I changed my Twitter handle to @ashadornfest. The change makes sense; it reflects how I prefer to use Twitter — as a place for conversation more than publication or promotion. Given that there will be a book titled Parent Hacks on the shelves soon enough, tweeting as @ashadornfest […]

Subscriber alert: New feed address

RSS icon

If you read Parent Hacks using a feed reader, please update the feed address to: Exception: If you use Feedly (my personal choice), you don’t have to do a thing. The fine folks there are taking care of things behind the scenes. If you have no idea what I’m talking about, RSS feeds are a simple […]

A new look for Parent Hacks

Parent Hacks Redesign

In a move that epitomizes the phrase IT’S ABOUT TIME, Parent Hacks has a new look! Yes indeed. I now have a blog that can be properly searched, and can be viewed on a mobile phone. I know! If you’re interested in the back-end details, I’ve moved Parent Hacks from TypePad to WordPress. That’s no small feat for a […]

Why “art career” isn’t a contradiction in terms: my behind the scenes look at “The Boxtrolls”

Adjusting props on the set of The Boxtrolls

Last Spring I was invited to LAIKA for a behind-the-scenes glimpse of how The Boxtrolls was made. “Behind-the-scenes” anything is fascinating. But I was especially excited to learn about (and share with you) an example of a vital workplace filled with artists and technicians. Especially because my daughter is a budding artist herself.

Summer fitness deal: structure + flexibility + $10 discount through Friday

Aspire Fitness NW Summer Fitness Challenge

Summer fitness! Easier in some ways (sun, warmth) but harder in others (lack of school year routine, vacation "breaks). If you're looking for support, the next session of "Home Sweat Home" — my friend Alisa's 8-week online strength training program — is about to begin. Alisa is a fabulous personal trainer and motivator extraordinaire, and […]