Easter: Best of Parent Hacks

Amazon: Webkinz Carrots Mazin Hamster Easter hacks! We’re Jewish so we have other seasonal treats to look forward to (mmmm, matzoh), but at least one chocolate bunny hops into our house each year.

But not to fear! Parenthackers have lots of great Easter tips:

Getting ready for Easter

Getting marks off of Easter shoes

Easter baskets

Set empty Easter baskets out for the bunny to fill

Egg shakers: a non-candy Easter basket alternative

No-candy Easter eggs: Fill them with Legos

Veggie Booty as Easter basket “grass”

Use shredded paper as gift packing insulation

What to do with empty plastic Easter eggs

Store plastic Easter eggs in empty egg cartons

Dyeing eggs and other Easter crafts

Tips for dyeing Easter eggs with toddlers

Muffin tin as Easter egg dye container

Use watercolors to decorate Easter eggs

Dye raw eggs for Easter

Cookie decorating hack: Ice cube tray as frosting “palette”