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14 August 2013

"Help! My kid has a smart mouth!" Talk amongst yourselves.

How do you handle verbal disrespect in your child? Here are my thoughts (and a book recommendation). How about you?

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29 July 2013

Best of Parent Hacks: Summertime edition

Consider this my gone fishin' sign -- it will pop up when my attention leads me away from the computer for a few days.

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18 July 2013

14 June 2013

22 May 2013

Minimizing "reentry" stress when a parent travels for work

It took us a long time to find equilibrium around business travel, but we did. We’re now both better able to support each other and our kids (and even enjoy it) no matter which one of us is traveling.

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15 May 2013

Kids hang their own coats with the help of stick-on hooks

Michelle's hack illustrates how simple home tweaks can make a big difference to your kid's independence.

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13 May 2013

Managing kids' computer use using built-in parental controls

I appreciate this hack from Melissa -- simply, how her family uses the parental controls built into her computer's operating system to manage her kids' computer use. It's easy to overlook the tools we already have right at our fingertips.

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12 April 2013

Communication is key to mindful smart phone use when the kids are around

Amy discovered a simple, respectful way to check her work email while spending time with her kids.

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10 April 2013

Motivate struggling readers with joke books, comics and other "junky" reads

Dana's simple hack of using humor to dial down reading anxiety for her son Wenxin could apply to any struggling reader.

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03 April 2013

I'm not a parenting expert, but I play one awesome new video resource for parents

Kids In The House is a new video advice site for parents. In some ways it resembles a "video Parent Hacks": thousands of easily searchable short videos that focus on solving specific parenting problems. I'm one of the "experts."

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01 April 2013

Streamlining school year routines and activities

In our second week hosting the HuffPost Parents Stress-Less Parenting Workshop, Christine and I are talking about school-year routines and activities.

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29 March 2013

The secret of "quality time" I learned from my 79 year-old dad

Turns out quality time with your kids may not be as elusive as it seems. And my dad appears to have known this all along.

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21 March 2013

14 March 2013

Pollyanna Power! Have you got it?

A post about goofy enthusiasm, optimism and what I think might be my superpower.

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08 March 2013

The 11 books I wish I read as a new mom

In my new post at The Accidental Expert, I share the ten books that might have made my transition to motherhood a whole lot easier.

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