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06 February 2011

Amazon today only: Rayovac head-mounted flashlight 73% off

This hands-free lighting contraption comes in handy at our house several times a week. Great for crafters and model-builders Great for mechanics Great for campers Great for backyard spies and treasure hunters Great for sneaky bedtime reading Not the most attractive tool around, but VERY handy. And, today only, it's...

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03 February 2011

Amazon deal: Children's safety vest 90% off

It's not that every kid needs a reflective safety vest (can I have an "amen," Lenore?). But at this price, I can think of a number of times they could come in handy: Auto emergency kit: Your car breaks down at dusk and you and the kids have to walk...

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24 January 2011

Amazon today only: Lorex LIVE video baby monitor 75% off

Video baby monitor? Really? This sounds like a setup for one of my rants about baby gear you don't really need. And you don't, in my opinion, really need this product. But if you're one of those parents who would rest easier every night with a video monitor sitting on...

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22 October 2008

Amazon deal: Sci-Fi and Disney Princess DVDs on sale

Amazon has put a bunch of DVDs on sale. One group is close to my heart. The other is close to my daughter's. Amazon's calling its sci-fi blowout the Cosmetopia DVD Sale , and you'll find over 400 titles included. This isn't just the blockbuster stuff (although there's plenty) --...

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