28 July 2014

A trick for for preventing spills because the drinking straw's too tall

Drinking straw hack prevents kids' spills. #parenthacks

A smart drinking straw trick from Sarah, via my spiffy new hack submission form on Tumblr:

Ever have a kid who wanted to tip the cup because the straw was so long that it was above the kid's head with the cup on the table? 

Bend the straw to a 90 degree angle. Then use your fingernail to put a crease in the fold, and squeeze together. The straw should retain the 90 degree bend, and slow the drink rate a little.

YES. That should prevent a few spills when you're out to eat with your kids. Thank you, Sarah!

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jest cut the straw shorter

With multi-tool in pocket, I always cut straws shorter (and turn them over) so they're easier to reach.

Ha! Just remembered we published that hack (cut the straw shorter with your handy-dandy multitool) in 2006! http://www.parenthacks.com/2006/10/making_kidfrien.html

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