01 August 2014

This month, your comments save lives

Did you know that a child dies every 20 seconds from a disease that could be prevented with a vaccine?

Did you know that 75% of unvaccinated children live in just 10 countries?

Did you know that by simply leaving blog comments or sharing posts during the month of August, you can give a child a shot at a healthy life?

This year, I have the honor of contributing to Blogust -- a month-long blog relay organized by Shot@Life and the United Nations Foundation. Every time you comment on or share a Blogust post during August 2014, Walgreens will donate a vaccine to a child, up to 60,000 vaccines.

#Blogust 2014 contributors

I've been an enthusiastic participant in Blogust since it launched in 2012. I've left comments all over the place. Knowing that each one unlocked a vaccine donation was powerful, but even more powerful was the feeling of joining with thousands of others to do it together. Getting to be one of this year's storytellers...well, that's amazing.

Share or comment on #Blogust posts to unlock life-saving vaccine donations.Blogust begins today, but my Blogust post, about a Healthy and Happy First in my life, goes live on Parent Hacks on August 6, 2014.

My goal is for us is to provide 500 vaccine donations. That means a combined total of 500 comments and/or social shares via those "Tweet" and "Like" links at the bottom of my post on August 6.

  • Multiple shares (via the Tweet and Like buttons on the post) are fine!
  • Multiple comments are fine!
  • Single word comments are fine!
  • Commenting over and over is fine!

It's an ambitious number -- 500 is more comments and/or shares than any Parent Hacks post has ever received -- but I'm aiming high because I know we can do it. PARENTHACKER POWERS ACTIVATE.

Mark your calendars and get ready to share or comment on my Parent Hacks Blogust post on August 6.

In the meantime, there's something you can do right now: read and comment on or share the first Blogust 2014 post at the Shot@Life blog, or watch for the #Blogust hashtag on Twitter and Instagram

Today, Blogust alums from 2012 and 2013 are sharing words and images, and all of your comments and social shares on those posts equal vaccines! I'm logging in while on vacation so I can retweet #Blogust tweets and "heart" and comment on Instagram photos as much as I can!

Thank you, friends. Wouldn't it be incredible if we could be part of 60,000 children's healthy futures?

To see the full schedule of Blogust participants, visit shotatlife.org/blogust.

Your comments

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This is so cool - love it. Happy to be a part of it.

Passing on this valuable opportunity for gift of health.

I am a Walgreens customer and staunchly support vaccinations. WTG Asha!

Seems like a good idea. Love your blog.

The US has paid BILLIONS from the VACCINE INJURY COMPENSATION PROGRAM established because pharma knows there is 100% chance that some kids will react adversely, even die.

The CDC acknowledged vaccines caused Hannah Poling's Autism and you can see the CDC head admitting vaccines cause autism

The over 250,000 Amish, Homefirst Medical http://homefirst.com/cms/index.php/health-info/vaccine-ch... and 10,000 families surveyed by Generation Rescue, who have not vaccinated, have virtually no Autism.

Recently, pharma lobbied the Supreme Court of America for total amnesty and hold-harmless from any product liability for vaccine damage to your kids, which they were awarded. They have less incentive to make safe vaccines now.

http://www.secretsofthefed.com/mumps-outbreak-nj-college-100-victims-vaccinated-w-video/ ONLY the vaccinated caught this 'vaccine preventable' disease. None of the unvaccinated were affected.

The US autism rate is 1 in 68 kids. Anything else would get epidemic treatment and response. We are looking everywhere except the obvious.

The CDC has refused to compare vaccinated vs unvaccinated autism rates for over 20 years, but as noted above, that study has been done and is absolutely conclusive, suppressed by the media. Do your own research. The vaccine package inserts inside vaccines state autism as a possible side effect.

Just as doctors in the 1920's were taught to prescribe HEROIN, COCAINE, ALCOHOL and CIGARETTES to pregnant women, we learned better. Thanks to open minded thinking, we have changed the 1920's behavior.

Perhaps in 100 years we will look back at Autism as the most preventable tragedy of the century.

It took over 40 years of legal wrangling before the first warning was put on a cigarette package. Don't let them blind you with 'cigarette science.'

great idea! love to be part of it

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