Use a marble jar and a timer to manage screen time

A brilliant way to manage screen time for your kids over the summer: The marble jar (Cool Mom Tech)

I first became familiar with the Marble Jar when my daughter was in preschool. The teacher used this simple, tactile reward system to help the class literally see and feel the results of their responsible behavior. So much more immediate than a star chart!

Cool Mom Tech upgrades the marble jar for use with older children just in time for summer: add a timer and a chore list and it becomes a straightforward way to connect responsibilities to screen time privileges (there's more to it: read the full post for details).

Another way to manage screen time: a simple point system that allows kids to collect screen time "currency" for finishing their chores.

How does your family manage screen time during the summer?

Photo credit: Cool Mom Tech


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    Great idea! I haven’t seen something quite like this before. This would be an easy trick for both parents and nannies to use, keeping the rules consistent no matter who is in charge.