The prologue to the introduction to the next chapter

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I spent last week writing a post about what's next for Parent Hacks. The post is crap. Seriously, it sucks. Be glad I didn't publish it.

I then went offline for three days to chaperone my daughter's camp field trip in the Oregon desert. It was an amazing experience: high desert ecology, 5th grade social dynamics (whoa), fossils, rattlesnakes, hanging out with my kid (whoa), plus my first dramatic injury. (I look like I've been in a barroom brawl.)

I'm back. I have a dentist appointment. Injury isn't serious, and I've got a good story to tell. All is well.

Usually time away unlocks my thoughts, connects the dots and helps the words flow, but I'm standing here speechless as before.

I think a single post about "what's next" just can't hold all that I'm feeling right now — about you, about what we've created here together, about how today's Internet (as opposed to the Internet of 2005, when I launched Parent Hacks) makes parenting both easier and harder, and about how I fit into all that now.

* * * * *

Two things happened recently that set some deep part of me on fire: I attended the Portland show of Listen To Your Mother, and I got the special Teen edition of Brain, Child Magazine. Both, filled with stories, beautiful, important stories.

I felt so proud, not because I was on stage or in the magazine. I felt proud of US, all of us, who are here, talking about what it's really like raising our children. Telling our stories, responding, sharing, comforting, challenging and sometimes, just listening. I've been doing a lot of listening these days.

It's so important, this dialogue. I think it's the most important thing we can do here.

* * * * *

1. I am so grateful and excited to be here with you, now.

2. More than anything else, I want my work to be helpful. I want Parent Hacks to contribute something worthwhile. How that looks is different than it was in 2005.

3. I'm writing a new book, and I can't wait to tell you about it because really, it's our book.

The story continues: Why Blogging Isn't Dead for Me: Parent Hacks Then, Now & Ahead


  1. Yolanda says

    I have been readin PH since I was pregnant way back in the fall of 2006. I have learned, and continue to learn, so much here and am looking forward to whatever you bring us next.

  2. says

    You broke the seal! That’s the biggest step, right? Can’t wait to see what you’re up to. A cup that runneth over means there’s someone near by who isn’t thirsty anymore.

  3. says

    There are moments when I hear people sharing, sometimes it’s strategy sometimes it’s heart, but as they say it I know with soul-deep certainty the world is a better place for it. I feel that way about you. Good luck and congratulations.

  4. Asha Dornfest (Parent Hacks) says

    @Amanda: your comment means so much to me. Truly, thank you.