Turn an old baby wipe box into a toddler “tissue box” toy

Tissue box toy; Photo credit: Homa Woodrum

Does your kid like to pull all the tissues out of the box?

Homa's did, so she turned an old baby wipe box and some fabric into a reusable “tissue box” toy.

(Do you know Homa Woodrum? She's been a generous sharer of links and tidbits for years. She's Oh Mah Deehness on the Web and @WoodrumLaw on Twitter. Go say hi!)

Other uses for baby wipe boxes: kitchen cabinet organizer, small toy storage, art supply box, etc., etc., etc. The list goes on forever.


  1. Kendra says

    Great idea for a toy, especially if you can keep it separate from the wipes you actually need them to leave alone. : ) I use wipes containers for beads (kids can reach in the top and get just a few beads at a time, army guys, little bubble containers that we get as party favors, mighty beans (my older kids love their little toys)! I always keep a few on hand for whenever we get some new little thing.