Stuffed animal storage ideas? Talk amongst yourselves.

Stuffed animal storage: Boon Animal Bag

Nancy needs help handling the Stuffed Animal Invasion.

My kids are overrun with stuffed animals and they end up all over the floor. I need ways to keep them contained!

DON’T WE ALL? I mean, I can empathize.

There are plenty of creative stuffed animal storage ideas out there, but my absolute favorite is the Boon Animal Bag. This fuzzy bag (cuddly in its own right) rounds up the zoo and turns it into a comfy seat.

From the Boon website:

The first five stuffed animals are cute. But when 100 are scattered like furry road kill all over your house, it’s time to do something like tossing them into an Animal Bag that doubles as a snuggly seat. 

Heh heh, furry road kill!

Other ideas:

  • Stuffed animal chain
  • Toy hammock: fun suspended over the bed.
  • Lightweight laundry hamper: I use this one from IKEA. It’s portable, collapsible, breathable, cheap, and it zips closed.
  • Hanging shoe organizer: You know, the kind that goes over the door? (I’m a fan of shoe organizers all over the house.) Downside: tricky to get young kids to use these themselves as it’s hard to reach the top pockets.

Parenthackers! What are your stuffed animal storage solutions? Leave a comment!

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Photo credit: Boon


  1. MH says

    Every once in a while we ask our kids to gather up a bag full of stuffed animals for donation. This keeps the numbers down but they’re still everywhere.

    To keep the clutter down we throw them all into one of those little pop-up tents. The tent is still usable as a hide-away (the animals even act as nice little cushions) and when they inevitably get out into the wild it’s easy to toss them back in.

  2. Nicole says

    I use this basket from Ikea – it’s smaller than the other one mentioned above, has a lid and also collapses should it ever be empty. It stands just under 20″ tall, so it’s a nice manageable size and fits in the closet. When it gets full, we have a “one in, one out rule”. And we don’t break the rule, so it always works.

  3. Asha Dornfest (Parent Hacks) says

    Great ideas, everyone. This is a great opportunity for kids to start being responsible for their own cleanup and decluttering. If you get the right container, cleanup can be as simple as 10 minutes of retrieve-and-toss every evening.

  4. says

    My best solution is to just get rid of them. Let each kid pick a certain number of favorites, then say good-bye to the rest. We keep enough to fill one plastic bin, plus a few on each bed, and that’s it.