FREE EVENT: How to make room for fun

Minimalist Parenting coverThe subtitle of Minimalist Parenting is "enjoy modern family life more by doing less."

Most people focus on the "doing less" part (the what), but just as important — more important, really — is the "enjoy" part, the why.

Minimalist parenting — simplifying your life in general — isn't something to do because you should or because it's somehow morally superior. It's a way to make room in your life for more fun.

Fun! We need opportunities to let go of those bootstraps we're constantly pulling up. To remember that the whole point is to enjoy each other and the world we're exploring together.

Let's talk about it!

Join me on tomorrow's "Thursdays with ThirdPath" call (actually a webinar but it's meant to be an interactive conversation, not a lecture).

The topic is how to make room in your life for whatever you and your family enjoy…and why that matters so much.

I'll be joined by one of my favorite parenting writers, Jim Higley, author of Bobblehead Dad: 25 Life Lessons I Forgot I Knew. Jim is a true pleasure to talk to, and this is your chance.

What: Thursdays with ThirdPath call
When: March 13, 12:30-1:30 ET (that's 9:30-10:30 PT)
Where: Free registration here
Why: Interactive conversation about life balance, decluttering our schedules, and the importance of fun
Who: Me, Jim Higley and Jessica DeGroot, Founder and President of ThirdPath Institute

Register now! I hope to see you tomorrow.

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