Dip Easter Eggs Into Dye Using a Whisk

Easter egg hack! Wedge blown eggs into a whisk for effortless dip-dyeing! *forehead smack of brilliance*

Use a wisk to hold the eggs while they're being colored this Easter (DumpADay)

(Found on DumpADay.com, pinned by Tia Anderson)

I originally posted this on my new Tumblr site, the Parent Hacks Lab, which is where I'm tossing quick links, ideas, and updates. A Tumblr reader, MissNannyShanny, wondered how to get the dyed egg out of the whisk. I’m thinking it’s easy enough to gently separate the whisk wires to release the egg.

Other Easter egg hacks include using a muffin tin to hold the dye, and drying the eggs sideways balanced on an egg carton. Or, you could just skip the messy dye and paint the eggs with washable watercolors.


  1. Kendra says

    Super brilliant! I have also colored them with crayons in the past–not in addition to dyeing, but instead of. It’s a fun activity with young kids or parents who aren’t up for the time/mess/smell of dyeing eggs. I did it with day care kids in my home day care, and then an hour later we got to eat the eggs they had all colored!