In Praise of Store-Bought Valentines

"A box of store bought valentines is not a sign of slacking."

A friendly reminder for those of you who just don’t feel like making Valentines this year but are feeling slightly guilty about it.

There are a million things we could do “better,” more thoroughly, or with more style. If we did it all, we’d go nuts.

As you go forth and spread the Valentine’s Day love, keep this sanity check in mind. If you and your kids take delight in making Valentines, have a ball! If you don’t…buy a box and don’t give it another moment’s thought.

Those circular symbols at the bottom of the graphic (created by my multi-talented coauthor Christine Koh) come from the cover of our book, Minimalist Parenting. The central theme of the book is doing less of the stuff that isn’t important to you so there’s more room for stuff that is.


  1. wendy says

    the irony of this is that when i started doing homemade ones with my now-14 yr old, it was because i had forgotten to get to the store to get any, so we made do with what i had on hand in the art supplies. this week, i’ll be making bookmarks with my 4yr old for her preschool peeps, with the supplies i have on hand.

  2. adrienne says

    Sometimes a kid gets a huge thrill from giving premade Valentines.

    I would also like to mention free printable Valentines, which are easier for me than a trip to the store. I just printed 6 sheets of free Minecraft Valentines that Ranger will attach to some oatmeal creme pies (storebought in 12 packs). I had to put cardstock in the printer and we’ll have to cut them apart (using a paper cutter), but that’s even easier than shopping.