Make this classroom Valentine box! NOM NOM NOM

I'm reposting my favorite Valentine's Day hacks from past years. Got one of your own? Email me at with the subject line VALENTINE 2014. I'll post the highlights! — Asha

BWAH! This hilarious photo-enhanced shoebox makes classroom Valentines even more fun to collect! From Gina Rau of Feed Our Families:

I left my husband in charge of making our daughter's Valentine box for school…this is what he came up with! It was the hit of the class!

Place Valentines HERE! Valentine collection box and photo credit: Gina Rau

All you need is a blown-up photo, a shoe box, a glue stick, and some scissors. And a sense of humor.

Photo credit: Gina Rau

Gina added: "Don't judge me on this one." I JUDGE YOU AWESOME, GINA.

Who's got ideas for Valentine collection boxes? (I usually send my daughter to school with a used gift bag and call it done.)

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Valentine sanity check: Clever homemade Valentines are wonderful…if you love doing this sort of thing. If you feel the stress or "pressure to perform" ratcheting up, remember that a box of store-bought Valentines (and a paper bag for collecting them) is not a sign of "slacking," it's a choice to focus on other things you care about more. — Asha

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    That is hilarious! Thank you for sharing. :) We don’t have to make boxes to bring in, but I will definitely remember this in case the occasion arises!