Phillip Seymour Hoffman, father

Phillip Seymour Hoffman. Photo credit: Celebrity Baby Scoop

I can't stop thinking about Phillip Seymour Hoffman's sudden death.

I admired the man as an actor, but it's not like I'm his biggest fan. Until last night, I didn't know he was the father of three young children with his partner, Mimi O'Donnell. Or that he and his family were a regular fixture in their NYC neighborhood, walking to school, hanging out at the playground, going out for ice cream and all the other things families do.

It seems clear that he died of a drug overdose. The news reports contain details his kids will someday Google and read. To me, that may be the greatest tragedy.

Whatever Mr. Hoffman was struggling with (addiction likely not the only thing), from accounts I've read he was a loving and involved father. I imagine it would have broken his heart to know that his addiction would leave his family with this tragic legacy.

We all struggle with something — hopefully not as destructive as addiction — and we never want it to affect our children. But sometimes it does.

To Ms. O'Donnell and your children, Cooper, Willa and Tallulah, my greatest sympathies are with you. I wish you peace and healing, and many memories of happier, less complicated times.

Photo credit: Celebrity Baby Scoop


  1. Stacy @bklynstacy says

    Sigh. Yes, this. To have such a brilliant father, and a father who struggled… I wish them all peace, however long it takes them to get there.

  2. Janie says

    Very well said..I agree the tragedy is that he was a parent of 3 children and partner to his significant other. There may yet be more to the story but it is still sad.