Will you be my workout buddy? [Fitness Challenge]

Parent Hacks Fitness Challenge

UPDATE: WOW. So many of you have signed up that we filled the first session of Home Sweat Home to capacity! Alisa is thrilled, but she also made the tough call to close registration early so the session can keep its personal touch.

If you'd like to be notified about the next session of Home Sweat Home, please sign up for Alisa's AspireFitnessNW mailing list (the signup form is in the right sidebar of her website). Those signing up before 2/1 will get a $10 discount on the next session.

To those hoping join the Fitness Challenge, I apologize for the change of plans. I am so moved that so many of you are joining me on this adventure.

– Asha

This year, I'm committed to improving my health.

My health is OK right now — I eat good food, I walk a lot and am pretty much vice-free — but 45 years of paying little attention has caught up with me. Nothing major (the blood and cholesterol numbers are fine) but the trajectory has a downward slope. I've got a few extra pounds around the middle. I'm waking up with a stiff neck and shoulders. I'm noticing a general increase in tightness and creakiness.

Most importantly, my life beyond kid-raising has come into view and I want it to be vital…not a slow decline into ill health. After spending three weeks in India with my fit 80 year-old Dad and listening to everyone marvel at how "he never ages," the importance of changing my day-to-day health routine has never been clearer. (Read Younger Next Year.)

Self-care isn't my strong suit. It's time for that to change. 

In other words, it's on.

I'm excited and scared and embarassed and all those things one feels at the beginning of things. Despite past, life-changing experience with consistent exercise, I'm afraid to begin even though this is what I want and need.

Here's where you come in (I hope).

Wanna do this together?

One of my oldest friends, Alisa Mallinger, is a talented personal trainer. Her fitness business is going gangbusters but if you don't live nearby you're out of luck. (The 20-minute drive to her studio has proven a big enough obstacle for me.)

But she's doing something to make that obstacle irrelevant. Alisa's launching an 8-week online strength training program called Home Sweat Home.

  • Three different workouts per week with minimal equipment
  • Individual, personalized check-ins and support from Alisa
  • A private Facebook group for community
  • Good for all levels, including beginners
  • Self-paced, at home, on your schedule

I'm signed up for Home Sweat Home and I want you to do it with me! The first 8-week session launching February 3, 2014 is FREE.

This will only happen once. After this session ends, Home Sweat Home will become an ongoing paid program. But she's offering this first session for free with no obligation to sign up for anything else, no credit cards, nothing beyond a signed fitness waiver and the willingness to commit to workouts 3x week for 8 weeks.

Private or public, it's up to you.

There will be no before and after photos or measurements. No requirements to check in publicly. No need for fancy workout clothes (my dad exercises in his PJs). I'll blog about my experience and participate in the Home Sweat Home Facebook group, but you don't have to. You do what works for you. Simply the knowledge that we're doing it together will be enough for me!

What to do now

  1. Register for Home Sweat Home. (UPDATE: Registration is now closed.)
  2. Get your equipment: a stability ball (65 cm for 5'4" and over, everyone else 55cm) and some dumbbells (I'm starting small with 3- and 5 lb. weights). Don't let this hold you up. You can get perfectly functional equipment at Amazon or Target.
  3. Sign up for Parent Hacks email updates so you don't miss my Fitness Challenge posts. Click here for email updates.
  4. Work out starting 2/3/14!

Let's support each other

Phew. Even committing to this publicly has my heart racing! I've never done anything like this so I hope you'll do it with me not just to make me feel better, but to make us both feel better.

Sign up. Invite your friends. Let's do this.


  1. Martita says

    Okay, Asha…I’m on board and way overdue for some investment in my health. Thanks so much for the invitation.


  2. Asha Dornfest (Parent Hacks) says

    So sorry, Jennifer. Alisa had to close registration due to MONUMENTAL response. I’ve updated the post above.