Want to join me on an Internet sabbatical?

Photo credit: Subharnab Majumdar via Flickr/cc

Things have been quiet around here for good reason. I'm taking a big, fat Internet sabbatical for the holidays. There's a family adventure going down which I'll tell you about when I get back online after the New Year.

It feels good to step away from the Internet to focus on the bricks and mortar of life. Every year, the Internet becomes more a part of my daily doing…and not just my work. My entertainment, my shopping, my learning…it's all bound up together.

That's not a bad thing, but it does require balancing. There's so much to keep me occupied on the Web that I can forget to look up, inhale, be aware of the people and energy around me.

I've also come to see Internet breaks as a kind of public service. It's not that I think everyone is sitting around waiting for my next post, but I like the idea that my absence creates its own "content" — silence. Imagine how lovely it would feel if silence were to go viral for a week or two.

Did you know the word "sabbatical" shares the same root with the word Sabbath?

Thank you for making this another wonderful year at Parent Hacks. So much has changed since I started it eight (EIGHT. 8!) years ago. My kids have grown, the Internet has grown, I've grown. We've all grown, haven't we?

Here's to a quiet holiday season for all of us…time and space to look forward to something new and fresh next year.


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